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The Blair Witch: An Irish woman??

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    Not sure if people knew this or not, but I was doing a bit of googling on witchcraft because I was bored and came across how the Blair Witch was a Irish woman from Cork called Elly Kedward (Elly was short for Eilis)

    Here is the site here about her history, not sure if it is official or not, but loks pretty damn good:

    Just two things to ask: One, was Elly Kedward a real woman? I'll admit I did not see the Blair Witch film itself, but I have heard a lot about it, but did not know that the witch was Irish. It's just there seems to be a lot of detail about her but nothing official.

    And Two, if it is all made-up, why did they choose an Irish woman as their witch? I mean we are known for our folklore and mythology, but I don't think witchcraft was a strong part of it. I would have though they might have used a woman from Salem as the witch, since it would have made more sense because of the witch hunts.

    So just curious if anyone knows anything about this?


  • Never heard any of this myself, but still very interesting all the same.

  • the blair witch project is totally fictional,part of the idea was to push the story as real,ellie kedward is an anagram of edward kelley,who was a 16th century mystic,rustin parr,who was a child killer in the film,is an anagram of rasputin.

  • Irish (rural) woman makes sense because it gave her a Catholic background as well as a general knowledge of folk wisdom, whether that be herbal remedies or kinds of 'magic'. Even though this would have been benign, you could see how it would have aroused deep suspicion from the more puritanical Protestant townsfolk of Blair.

    No, she wasn't real, but I suppose even if she was, she might leave a fellow countryman alone. :pac:

    "Howya, Elly! Story. C'mere, just over from the old country for a couple of weeks on a bit a camping holiday. Just wanted to say not to be startin' any of your usual night ****e or I'll have lads onto your clan down in Bantry."

    *Ghostly voice from the woods*

    "Sound. Saw a few yanks headin' out this way anyway. I'll start on them. G'luck, so!"

  • LOL

  • It was merely the path of least resistance which is the only path that f'ucktar'd reality TV wannabees can follow.

    As in the opposite of doing research and writing a script vs merely following a marketing plan based on MTV advertising precepts from the 1990s.

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