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A song i done for the laugh


  • Like it Jono, whether it constitutes a song or not is another matter, but some serious syncopation going on there, in what sounds to me a good old-fashioned funk workout.
    By the way "done for the laugh" me eye, that won't protect you against criticism.
    Put it out there and be damned!

    Good stuff, would be interested in hearing more, well done.

  • JonoD wrote: »
    Just looking for a bit of feedback

    This has a touch of everything from mad scientist to a touch of Angus Young, power on and off, keyboard tripping over itself, you take all this put it together and put it up on YouTube, you got one crazy piece of music here, and that mean Very Good.

    Good luck to you. :D

  • The middle part made me think of Black Betty, which is the part I really like.