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Corporation wars

  • 13-03-2013 2:42pm
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    Date: 24th March 2013
    Cost: €25
    Sign in open: 09.00
    Sign in closes: 11.00
    Game on: 12.00
    Endex: 18:00


    The recently discovered oil reserves in Yuketobonia were claimed to be the largest untapped in the world, according to an announcement made in early 2015 by the Yuketobonian government. The reported reserves could even extend beyond the 297 million barrels of estimated crude available.
    According to the Osean Federation Geological Survey, the Orinoco Belt alone is estimated to contain 128 million barrels of heavy crude oil in proven deposits.
    The technology needed to recover ultra-heavy crude oil, which accounts for most of the Orinoco Belt, will be too expensive a venture for the Yuketobanian government
    especially considering the global markets never ending demand.

    So far only one of the major oil companies is able to invest in the resources and technology to extract and refine the ultra heavy crude oil. The MNC BG Mobil is offering a percentage of the profits to the Yuke government for zoning rights to the natural resources.

    By September 2016 most of the zoning had been completed except for the richest parts of the Orinoco belt which is currently inhabited by a small civilian population. An agreement could not be reached with the inhabitants for their relocation.

    In March 2017 due to heated disputes between prospectors and the locals BG Mobil required the assistance of private security...

    What this game is:

    This is the first part of a 3 part campaign game the in which the events that occur and objectives completed will affect the storyline and objectives in the next.

    The event will have challenging objectives for both sides and some milsim style rules. Gameplay will lean more toward milsim so do not expect a skirmish style game, instead expect planning and coordination with bursts of intense action.

    Full details HERE


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    Sounds good lads!

    Any larp roles?

    Will there be some 'neutral' players, or will the mercs be shooting the YPF on sight?

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    All PMC's will be given their brief including rules of engagement and the companys requested instructions in the morning ;)