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Tindie Recently seen horror movies!



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    The ABCs of Death (2012)

    I did find most of then intruding, not one them really stood out for me at the moment, Only E as stood out to me, WHAT THE HELL!

    I wasn't fan of F, that was Boring, at the moment , The worst one saw, I didn't like at all, the one with lady about to step on kitten, I just could not watch that one, That was the worst for me, I think that P.

    Such a long movie, too long, However I thought the best short was T! for Toilet,

    I loved Very second of that one, It was smart, clever, funny and very gory, should have been longest!

    I give 4 out of 10 worth watch!

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    Night of the Creeps (1986)

    This is a re-watch, I not seen in over 10 years, I do remember that enjoyed it a lot, when I first saw it.

    The second watch, I didn't find all that great, The opening scenes was very bizarre, I had
    mixed with Black and white part of the movie.

    I thought the movie took a bit long to get going, I was bit bored in some parts of the movie
    however the second half of the movies dose make for it.

    When the movies actually gets really funny, some funny jokes and some good so-what gory zombie kills and some of death were very funny as well.

    The acting was great from the whole cast and I didn't mind the ending was decent!

    6 out of 10, Not as great as remembered, I think I enjoyed Slither a lot more

    The Crazies (2010)

    Another re-watch , I know I have seen more then once before, I don't think I saw it in full in my second watch, so I gave it another ago again!

    I have not see the original for a very long time, I didn't think was all that great, I do remember that I did enjoy the remake better on my first watch.

    However It took me while to get into movie, I was actually wasn't really paying to much attention for the first half.

    Again for this movie the second part of the movie kinds of moved a little bit more, I found some parts really good and fun to watch.

    One or two decent Crazies (No, I am not calling zombies, there not zombies)_kills not many gory ones, most of the times , they just being shot dead.

    I really liked some of the make up effects for the Crazies, some looked really good and scary!

    The one think I am little confused about was why did some Crazies actually look scary and some just look like normal people!

    The acting was decent from the whole cast!

    6 out of 10, Again Not as Good as I remembered

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    More re-watch

    The Strangers (2008)

    I have only seen this once before back in 2008, I remembered that I wasn't a big fan of it a the time ,

    So I gave it another last night, Yet again, I felt the same as the first time I saw it!

    I just could not get into the movie at all, found the movie bit some-what dull, I didn't connect with
    the couple.

    I found some parts of the movie really dark in places, that may think that annoyed me, more then anything.

    Well the acting it decent , I wish we know why? and that last scenes, Really!

    4 out of 10 as bad as I remember!

    Zombieland (2009)

    Another re-watch and another movie that I only seen once before,

    First watch I thought it was decent and so-what funny, I know that I liked it at time however
    On my second watch.

    I actually liked a lot more the second times, there were some very funny jokes thoughout the movie
    and some very funny zombies kills.

    There were- some- what gory moments, I did e

    I expected more gory moment in this zombie flick and also was a little disappointed how the movie ended

    I enjoyed more on my second watch, 7 out of 10, I think I gave it 5 last time!

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    Case 39 (2009)

    Another re-watch, I do remember that I did like this movie, the trailer for this movie is very misleading!

    The movie was decent however, I wish I saw the movie that was actually in the trailer, I heard some of scenes from the trailer I not even on the DVD! (Anyone Know I can watch this scenes?)

    Even without those scenes, (Which I think would be better in this movie) then how to movie went in the end.

    I found first part of really good, it's didn't take to long to get going, there some tense moments and some decent edge of seat moments.

    There second half of movie was little mix bag, I do think they re-written scenes, Kind of let the movie down.

    There were so good decent scenes I liked, really enjoyed the Bug scene and Fire scenes, she was some- what creepy , I wasn't fan of how the movie ended.

    The acting was great from the whole cast!

    7 out of 10 really good movie

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    Also Teeth (2007) Yet another re-watch

    I have only seen it's once before, I wasn't big fan it at the time,

    It's strange plot in the movie, I think it would have worked better for
    short movie better.

    I did find some parts of the movie little slow and boring at time first half hour
    but the movies soon picks up again!

    There were some funny moments in this movie and some very gory moments but
    I didn't feel like the fact, some scene kind of repeated them self for second.

    I wasn't big fan tailwager being chopped off , Once wasn't enough, it got boring after the first!

    I thought the acting was decent from the whole cast

    I did like better then the last time but not by much!

    5 out of 10

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    Student Bodies (1981)

    I saw this the other night, I really enjoyed, I think I did try to watch before, few years back, when it on you tube,

    I loved the way how started with meowing dog, loved to see, Loved the mum screaming at dishing at the TV.

    I found some jokes really funny made me laugh out loud, some jokes seem a little fall flat, no many,

    I enjoyed most of the movie, I wasn't big fan of twist at the end, I really hate it when movies do the that.

    I did enjoy the very last scene from movie, which spoof Carrie Fun movie.

    7 out of 10

    The Car (1977) (IS this get remake? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2993270/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2 )

    I could not get into this movie, okay at first few 10 minutes but then it got boring, nothing really stood out at all.

    I was bored for well 97% of the movie, 3% some decent happen, i can not even remembered how it ended, only saw it today ago

    3 out of 10

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    Detention (2011)

    This is another re-watch, when I first saw it, I didn't think it was all that great!

    However. giving it another watch, I actually liked even better the second time around.

    I really enjoyed the whole movie, there were some very funny moments, that made me laugh out loud.

    I thought time travel thing was odd to have in slasher movie however it's worked out really well, its was clever how they did it, It didn't seem out of place at all.

    There were some gory deaths movie that I really enjoyed

    I am going to give this movie a 8 out of 10

    Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

    I not really big fan of this series the only ones liked in this series was Original and Remake and rest were all really bad, It didn't like any of 4 sequels to first and I wasn't fan of Prequel to the remake.

    I again this movie was fits perfectly with the rest of sequels, As it's was really bland, the movie
    never grabbed in me at all, I didn't find it all that scary at all.

    As I was not expecting much at all, It was what I kind of expected to be, it's had some bloody moments here and there but nothing we not see before.

    I wasn't really big fan of the plot at all, the movie flowed okay but whole movie was so predicable!

    3 out of 10

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    Stevie (2008) TV

    This is another re-watch, I seen it once before, I liked the first time I saw, which wasn't that long, it's only few months ago that I saw it.

    However did forget the name of the movie lol, The movie wasn't forgettable

    After a long and unsuccessful period trying to have a family, Claire and Adrian finally adopt a girl. The coming of Isabel is desired by almost the whole family but making a eight-year-old girl with a past of her own fit into her new life might be something more complicated than they expected.

    With this plot you maybe thinking of a The omen rip-off, well it's not, it Actually about Girls invisible friend but there turns in story, not twist, there more curve ball.

    There some good scenes in this movie, which I liked, As it was TV movie there no blood or anything and it's wasn't that creepy, yet some seen really stand out!

    I enjoyed how the movie flowed really well, I didn't get bored, I really liked how plot came to a end, I thought a Nice and very moving ending to this movie.

    It made all sense in the end!

    Really good movie 7 out of 10

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    Darkness (2002)

    it's another Re-watch, I seen this once before, On DVD, Well , I don't where that DVD went to anyway, but this was netflix so I gave it another go! I remember fews scenes from last time I seen it, which was years ago!

    I thought Idea of the movie was really good, it had some decent setting, there could have been some really good moment here and there in this movie.

    Some scenes were decent however those scene didn't last to long, to be keep that tense feel to those scenes.

    I thought the movie worth watching, until the last 15 minutes, which I thought really bad, I didn't really think it fitted with the rest of the movie at all.

    3 out of 10

    Vanishing on 7th Street (2010)

    I thought this was very decent,

    I actually liked the plot the movie, with darkness that tries to
    find you and you vanish.

    I wasn't really on edge of your the seat however There were some really good tense moment that I really enjoyed.

    But Nothing in this movie was scary or creepy but some-how I could not stop watching.

    I didn't thing the movie was bad at all but I thought worth a watch, Until very the ending, Which I kind of fell flat!

    Dead Mary (2007)

    For me this took a really long time to getting going, it's until about 45 minutes before, it actually get going.

    A couple who seemed have broken before going Cabin in woods with friends

    So place it going will awkward for all their Friends, which to talk about 92 % of the movie, Which was very boring.

    They even wasted time of showing us, how bored they were, soon they play the Dead Mary game, well instead of the Bloody Mary , which was about hour into the movie.

    There one decent thing happen in this movie, I we don't even get to see the first attack.

    We only get the aftermath of the Friends dead who was killed in woods at night and then he has been turned into something.

    Soon the rest of the friend, wondering, who else as changed or hiding under the human skin.

    It's Wasn't really made clear what was stalking them, or hunting, sithere friends turn on one and other.

    It's trying to Evil dead wannabe with Bloody Mary twist , It didn't work at all.

    2 out of 10

    The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)

    I wasn't expecting much from this movie at all, with all the bad comment on IMDB Site.

    I thought really bad, I was actually, it was not great movie, I don't think it was bad as people making it out.

    I liked the how started of with Bang and I didn't feel slow do, there also something going on,

    I wasn't bored however I did annoyed with far, Far, Far , Far to many fake dream scenes.

    One and only truly thing that hate in movies, I don't like, it when one fake dream scene in movie, Record breaking number of dream scenes in this movie.

    I thought the acting was really good for most of the cast, the plot was decent, the movie wasn't all that bad.

    I actually liked the ending was decent, I thought I been predictable ending, I was wrong there.

    This movies rely too much on the jump scares, that not scary, So fast you can't seen, if you blink at wrong time.

    4 out 10

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    Solstice (2008)

    Never heard of this movie before, as it's was on Netflix, it's sound it's really good!

    Well the story is about A young girl uncovers a disturbing secret about her twin sister, who committed suicide just a few months before.

    A number of people that go to cabin in wood to spend times there however one of them are keeping a dark secret. Which is revealed in the end.

    Megan who main lead of the movies after death of sister, which was to believe as suicide, she goes the groups friends.

    As they having fun, however Megan starts to get dreams or hallucinations from some were, thought out the movie.

    She also thing this strange old man as got something to with it, they seem appeared now and again.

    I thought the movie very decent for PG13 , Its wasn't scary or creepy but I really enjoyed it!

    I thought ghost scenes were decent, I liked whole ghost muddy thing also really liked how the revealed Happened.

    Some of acting was off in places, which was little surprised as there are some well know actors in this movie.

    5 out of 10

    Beneath (2007)

    This movie sure did start of with a Bang, what a way to off start of movie, This movie had in me in from very start to very end of the movie.

    Christy (Zehetner) returns to her hometown years after a car accident that disfigured her older sister. Haunted by the accident in which she was the driver, she learns that her worst nightmares have either come true ... or are about to.

    I do agree that some of the plot was a bit predicable, However I really enjoyed the movie, I did not once take my eyes of screen, I found the movie flowed really well, I was never bored.

    There were some great scenes in this movie, that stick with, it not cause they are scary or creepy, as they are very memorable moments in this movie that really stood out.

    This might creepy for some kids or if this your first horror movie lol, I found some part of the movie predicable, I didn't expect that to happen at the end.

    I thought make up effects were really good and dream effects were decent, I usually hate dream scenes in movies, some how this movie made them work well with rest of the movie

    9 out of 10

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    The Mist (2007)

    The Mist (2007) Another re-watch, I have only seen once before. I wasn't sure I Felt about it at time, I think I had mixed feeling for it then.

    However will really surprised how good this movie, I can't believe that How I forgot I how could it was.

    I really loved effect of the creatures in movie, Really well, some were funny look and some were scary.

    Love first part of the movie however I didn't like later part of movie, the whole bible turned people against each other.

    The ending was very shocking and said but a bit silly as I don't think any would do that at all (I don't want to give away the twist, if you not seen it, Most people who seen will know what I am talking about

    7 out 10, I enjoyed more I my second watch, I gave it 5 out of 10 the last time I saw it back 2007

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    Fright Night (2011)

    I am finally seen this movie, it take me while to see this movie, (With out sounding like broke record,I not keen on Vamp movies, however Oringal Fright Night.

    Is one of few Vamps movies that I actually really like, The only one main reason I actually watch this was because David Tennant , I was fan of him, when in was Doctor Who, I was gutted when left role.

    Back to this movie, I liked some parts but disliked more. I start with good point first,

    I clad it wasn't just another scene from scene remake, I liked how story was some-what different from first, I liked the fact his girlfriend and Mum were involved.

    What I did not like was that, are really meant to care for Charley. who was Ass to Friend at the start.

    Why you make lead person in the movie the most hated person in the movie, who would care, I didn't not.

    The script in this movie was really bad in some places, I could not believe some of thing they come out with.

    The worst thing in this movie was the effect, I hated, the vampire dissolving, I liked old fashion deaths.

    The acting wasn't all that great but not saying really bad either, it was decent at best, in parts of the movie.

    4 out of 10

    Crowsnest (2012)

    Here we go with Yet another found footage movies, (I seen few, I think I maybe getting be bored of them now, As they been done to death in recent year, there are loads I yet to see!

    I was about give up on found footage, after seeing so may but after see chasing the devil, which was last and one the best found footage I have seen.

    How this movie start of Justin who seem spying on neighbours, before he friends come wish happy birthday.

    First we have 40 minutes of nonsense, the friends talking about what ever, I wasn't paying to much attention as I bored.

    Soon they start to attack by RV , who seem giving smashing the car and that is the only action you get in the movie.

    They scenes thought out the movie and When first person is killed by RV was bit unexpected but the rest were all of screen, until the last death.

    There were some-what gory moment but nothing we not see 100 times already and done better.

    Soon friends turn on each other, best friend slept with his own girlfriends and end up one lame fight scenes, the looks off it's they were hugging.

    I don't mind found footage movies but this as got to one of most shakiest of them, If when he still, it's seem to shaky a lot, that is actually understatement. it was even worse. FAR to much!

    I thought the acting from small part of cast was decent, some really wooden actors in this movie.

    2 out of 10 (2 point for acting was watch-able)

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    John Dies at the End (2012)

    I really don't know what to make of it this, I just found to me really odd strange, weird and
    very bizarre.

    The movie took no time and went straight into the craziness in a good way.

    And the creatures in movie was decent effect, funny and and kind of Cool, the effect were really good in
    this movie.

    I thought it would have much more funny then it was, I only laughed few times in this movie, Not a lot.

    I just found whole movie very strange in very good way and acting was great from the whole cast

    6 out of 10

    Boo (2005)

    I have always wanted to see this movie, I kept pushing back as I heard a lot and I mean a lot of bad comment on this movie, So I was expected
    to see something really bad.

    I didn't think it was as bad some made it out be, I am not saying it's a great or even that good but I found parts of the movie that I really

    The think that I liked in this movie were the fact, they didn't use those one second scarce scenes, most horror do these days
    and they decent of cool decent tense moments, which really worked well.

    I liked the plot the movie, I found it very entrusting throughout the movie and the death in this movie was so funny, I don't think
    they meant to be but I found then fun and funny to watch.

    The only think bring the movie is down is the acting from most of cast, well, it's not great but it not unwatchable either

    4 out of 10 Worth watching!

    The Unborn (2009)
    I seen for first time, I need to give another ago, I broke down into, some strange effect in this movie for sure!
    Won't rate this until I see the whole movie in one go!

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    The Good son (1993)

    This not really horror movie, more of a very dark Thriller.

    The movie start off 12 year old boy Mark, who mother passes away and then in upcoming days
    his father as to take business.

    Then Mark had to live with aunt and uncle for bit, at first he seem to get along fine with his cousin Henry.

    As they do seem have a lot fun at first but then he when he see that Mark start to do some really bad and stuff, started to wonder , if is cousin is Evil as movie goes on it's dose more evil things.

    I found some scene really good in this movie, the pile up scene was really good a bit out dated a little, Ice skating scenes (I felt like I see that scene some were else before)

    I really liked the whole movie, I was not fan of the ending, I didn't not like how it ending at all and I hoping more for the aftermath.

    The acting was great from the youngsters

    8 out of 10

    Unrest (2006)

    I am not sure what to make of this movie at all, I didn't hate or anything but I don't anything
    really creepy or scary happened in this movie.

    People were being killed off, one by one off screen, so we don't get to see the deaths on screen
    as they are all off screen.

    We not sure why or how they all died, they never show a ghost or dead body walking, It never
    really made cleverer , if the body was alive or not,

    How did it attack people, if the body was not dead?

    Wacthed to the end thinking, we get to see dead body move but we didn't get that.

    I thought acting was good

    4 out of 10 the movie feel empty

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    I saw this two months ago but forgot to post it!

    The Quiet Ones (2014)
    I did not expect much from this movie, as we see this story countless of times before and I didn't think it brought anything new.

    And I was right about one thing, This movie dose not bring anything new however I thought was really well made. it's NOT one of those horror movies , that filled with a lot of fake scares scenes, there are barely any scarce scenes at all.

    This is really quite and a very slow in some parts, some will find this dull and boring, I did find some parts a bit boring , I did yawn once or twice

    There are some decent spooky scenes, I didn't find them creepy, I just found those scenes very entertaining to watch.

    The acting was really good from short cast it had. 6 out of 10 Good movie

    Now back to this week!

    Soul Survivors (2001)

    By the poster, you maybe thinking it's be slasher movie as

    cash from scream time but it was not.

    The movie start with bunch of teens been to party, As getting into car, Boy girlfriend ending kissing best friends, who is boy to her best Friend .

    Then they end up crashing, As movie tries to be very clever but there give you far to many hints of what is not real and not real at all.

    So you know story as soon as the crash happened and it's worth with tense moments, it okay to watch.

    The acting was not bad at all, very decent from cast,

    5 out 10 This movie some-what predicable , As seem done be and much better

    Murders in the Zoo (1933)

    a really good surprise, this seem like way before it's time, Really opening scene in the movie, we see someone being tired up and left in jungle or something and then we see his lips sowed up as well.

    As the movie was about just hour long, it was kind of fast movie, There were dome dark moments in the movie and i did find this movie to be very funny in some places

    I liked how movie flowed, there some really great scenes for it's time and I liked how the movie ended,

    Really good acting from the cast

    8 out of 10

    Oculus (2014)

    I did not expect this from this movie at all, I actually expected number of fake scarce scenes in this movie

    I was thankfully as that was not the case in this movie, I really liked it, I found this to be little more drama and horror at the same time.

    There some creepy moment that worked in this movie, again this another bit like The Quiet Ones (2014) as they both this movie do not relay on those fake scarce scenes.

    I was really into movie, I liked the story of the movie, loved the flashbacks scenes, how the movie goes back and forward.

    Also really enjoyed scenes, that blended the pass and present into one scene, I loved how the movie was messing with head, we some decent mind tricks.

    The acting from the whole cast was outstanding.

    I give out of 7 out of 10

    Hypothermia (2010)
    This sound like something I would like

    , This movie could have really good as it had a decent plot The movie was not that long , it was only about 72 min long , which is kinda of short for a horror movie.

    I liked that we get know some stuff about people and we care for them and I liked the fact we get to see there the under ice 1st I think this movie was bit bloodily not gory and I think the acting was really good.

    The only major think wrong in this movie was silly creature , i it was so bad it was actually funny

    I am going to give this movie 4 out of 10

    Venom (2005)

    The movie start with ray who helping to kids out the car after crash however there is some kind old box on the back seat as he goes to get the car that was half hanging of a very low bridge ,

    Which falls and snakes come out the box, this is as some really bad effects and ray is taken to morgue only for his body to go missing.

    Then people are being killed of one by one by ray I . Who Seem to be some kinda of voodo zombie snake man

    The acting in this movie as got be some of the worse I ever seen in a very long time

    I am going to give this movie a 3 out 10

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    Heartstopper (2006)

    saw this the day before yesterday, l

    I was not expecting much from this movie at all, I heard nothing but bad things about this movie.

    Well it was not one of the worse movies I have seen, I am not saying it was great even that good

    I liked the plot of the movie, I liked how started, the movie flowed really well from the start to the end.

    There were some blood deaths nothing really gory, deaths were all kind of the same.

    The acting was watch able at best!

    4 out of 10

    Waxwork (1988)

    i heard about this movie but I didn't read the plot before, As was thinking, this Wax people will come to life and kill off teens one by one,

    I was really shocked that it's wasn't what I was expecting, which is a good thing, I liked the movie takes some times so you get to know teen before going into the movie.

    I really liked some first Wax story about werewolf was good effects in that movie, that part and I didn't like second that much at all and third the police man was funny.

    There were some very funny moments in this movie, that made me laugh out loud.

    I really liked how the movie flowed never once did it get boring and at a lot of stuff was happening,

    Great fun and movie 8 OUT OF 10

    Werewolf of London (1935)

    5 years ago would never thought I would even try to watch black and white movie but 5 years later , I am not just watching it, I am actually really enjoy some oldies.

    I this another really good movie, the movie it's 75 mins long, so it' kind of short and the movie didn't not take to get started at all.

    I liked how the movie flowed in the movie, it's was all action packed or anything, there were some in trusting scenes here and there.

    And effect in the movie was surprising really good for it's time and I did found parts to really funny, with those two old drunken ladies on stairs, were so funny.

    The acting was great however I wasn't to keen on the ending, he went down to easy!

    7 out of 10

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    the abandoned 2006

    I really like this movie much better than I expected, I really like the start of the movie , the opening scene was very good.

    The first 20 minutes of the movie are quite slow, not boring at all, then the movie picks ups a lot of stuff happened for the rest of the movie,.

    I don't think this movie was scary or even that creepy however this movie did want to cofuse you as it messing with your head.

    I like how the movie came to an end and I got the acting was really good.

    I am going to give this movie a 7/10

    walled in 2009

    The opening scene of the movie , was really good however I think that wais the best part of the movie.

    How ever I found the rest of the movie to be really boring and dull , I did not like how the movie flowed and I was not a fan of how the plot moved forward.

    I found this movie Bland and baby predictable start to the end

    The acting was okay

    I am going to give this a 3/10

    I also seen Grace , I will voice my review later

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    Damned by Dawn (2009) 4/10
    Citadel (2012/I) 9/10
    Donner Pass (2012) 2/10
    Grace (2009/III) 4/10

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    Frankenstein (1931)
    Frankenstein 1931 Finally got to see this today in full ,

    I not really sure what make of it , I actually think it aged really well , as it was PG , I did not expect to be scary or creepy for these days.

    I really liked that movie did not take long to get going and the movie flowed really well from start to end.

    Also there one creepy scene also crazy too , I am talking one of the most famous science ,, which have spoofed for donkey's years , the ITS ALIVE scene .

    The acting. For that Scene was really good and I did find some parts of the movie little funny .

    I going to give it 7 out of 10 really good movie

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    Tindie wrote: »
    Damned by Dawn (2009) 4/10
    Citadel (2012/I) 9/10
    Donner Pass (2012) 2/10
    Grace (2009/III) 4/10

    Can you tell us more about these movies? Damned by Dawn? Hilarious

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    Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

    I actually think enjoyed this sequel more then the first movie , or I say about the same really .
    I liked how they recapped what happened in the first movie, while this story was being told to someone.

    I liked how the movie did not take long to get going and as we found out , the two people you we thought were dead we're actually alive .

    I liked some parts of the movie were funny, with the old lady , screaming , it was silly , funny and a bit annoying all at the same time.

    I really enjoyed the blind man science . We're Franky learns how to speak.

    I was little disappointed that the movie ended far to seen after the bride was made , that the bad thing I can say about this movie .

    I am giving this movie 8 out of 10

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    Tindie wrote: »
    Damned by Dawn (2009)
    Damned by Dawn (2009)

    I like the first half of the movie better , then the second half .

    for a low budget movie, it has some really good spooky scenes in the first 40 minutes, Ruby did not take long to get started.

    After the halfway mark that's when the movie changed, , with a number of dreams and in this movie which are annoying.

    I just could not get warmed to the main lead coated metal I found him somewhat annoying auto I don't think the script with all that perfect for some scenes.

    And affect the end were bit naff

    I am going to give this movie 4 out of 10

    Citadel (2012/I)
    This was a really good movie , actually it was a great movie.

    This movie did not take long to get going and what a way to start a movie.

    With the pregnant lady , It was nasty not gory, it was nasty as it is a really nasty thing to do.

    I really like the rest of the movie, as we get to see the father is scared of going out side her house, which gives their movie more of a intense feel to it.

    You may be thinking this sounds like a nether movie called them however this movie is far from it as it is a bit of a plot later in the movie.

    I don't know if I miss it, I don't think they explained who or what they were.

    Fantastic acting , and great movie 9/10

    Donner Pass (2012)
    just this few nights ago, I most forgot the name of the movie than.

    Tell you the truth. I can't remember much from the movie, nothing in this movie stood out at all.

    The opening scenes was good and decent semi-long back story at the start about DONNA PASS.

    A number of teens going to cabin in the woods during winter and soon then later people start to killed of one by one.

    The deaths were mostly of screen but when they are on screen , they so far away.

    I found some scenes to really silly and stupid in this movie and the whole plot was predicable.

    There is some kind of twist in the movie, you know who killer is from the very start of the movie.

    There a little small turn in story about girl turning into what ever she was meant to be.

    Well a least acting was Decent from some of the cast!

    2 out of 10

    Grace (2009/III)
    This movie as been on my watch list for some time, I finally got to see it and I not really sure what to make of this movie at moment, I might give another later.

    A mother would anything for her baby, even kill after finding out that her baby likes blood.

    Instead of normal breast milk, it sounds like original to movie, I not seen any other movie do this for

    That all I made out of it as I was only half watching while cleaning my room.

    The movie was very slow in places until the near ending of the movie was picked up again.

    I did like the very last scene in the movie, Yeah, it was really predicable.

    4 out of 10


    Citadel (2012)

    This was great movie , loved it

  • #2

    Home aka at the devil doors 2014

    This movie does not take long to start off, it actually got me of guard near the start of the movie,

    As the movies goes on, it kind flows really well, it tends, to have right mix balance of decent creepy scenes and a few jump scenes , those scenes are really good .

    I loved the power cut science was really good, a tad creepy and hospital scene with scan , loved that scene,

    The only downside , that there were no ending to the movie, they did want to finish the story , there were no cliffhanger or anything , just ended with no payoff

    The acting was decent not great

    Really good movie 7 out of 10

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    Before Blair Witch Project (1999)
    Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998)

    I seen this movie a few time now, each time I watch it , I really enjoy this movie

    Teenage boy filming his family thanksgiving before they can cut the turkey, they get disturbed by things from another world!

    I like how the movie did not take to get going , the movie flowed really wheel , the first half movie was really fast past.

    A lot strange things started to happen to the family , I really enjoyed those , they made it look real (I know it not ) .

    There were some calm scenes in the middle part of the movie, we. suited the movie really, it did not last as more odds things started happen again

    I really liked the fact the lite girl had some sort of connection with aliens some how, which strange I. A good way.

    The acting in this movie was really in mostly places, there few actors in some scenes could have perforce better.

    When I saw the ending of this movie, I thought the ending was good and creepy at the time, it seeing again made me think. (Aliens did not seem to that creepy this time around)

    Would it have been better if we never saw the aliens at the end if the movie? , should have left to are imagination!

    I am going to give this movie 8 out of 10

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    Today I have started my 40 Day Halloween challenge,

    Skew (2011)

    This is actually a lot better then I thought it was going be, I saw it in a shop for 75p but still did not buy it as I already knew it was on YouTube,

    Two guys and girl and recording a Trip and long the way, there are some clam scenes and the movie And the sub plot was just very annoying!

    I actually liked the plot of the movie , the person recoding , We that some strangers seem to have blurry faces.

    Who seem get these blurry faces ends up getting killed by something or die of something , the deaths are of screen. And we only get the the sftermsth.

    The ghost effects in this movie really takes the movie , there were so bad that is actually funny!

    The acting was okay however I did not like any of them as they were not likeable to even care about.


    The Tunnel (2011)

    This is a re-watch, I have not seen it, since it first came out online!, I Was no sure what to make of it at the time.

    This time around and kind of felt the same after wards and I think I liked it less then I did before.

    The movie dose take a while to get going, the build up first forty minutes of movie, the build was how to find way to get there, to make story about the Tunnel.

    I actually did not mind the build up and you get to know them and actually care about them in this movie. they all seemed to work really well together.

    As soon as they enters the tunnel and that when the movie start to movie a bit forward (And those Tunnels looked far to clean or was that just me!)

    And soon as one of them Friend seem to going missing, that when the movie really picks up speed and dose not stop until the end.

    The chase scenes in this movie was really decent and fun to watch, I did not find that thing or what ever that thing was chasing them that scary however I liked that fact you see the whole thing, when it's is chasing scenes, which was good tense scene.

    The acting I thought was decent in this movie

    5 out of 10

  • #2

    plot of the movie but I think pacing of the movie was all over the places , movie was really ring after the first death and the last 20 mins of the movie there to much in, I like the. Turn at the end 4/10

    Day. 3 the frighteners
    I can't believe that I never this movie in full before , great movie 8/10

    Day 4 cherry falls
    I did not this movie at all , I wS bored most of. The time and I did not laugh once

    Day 5 a bucket of blood
    I really liked this movie .

    Day 6 martyrs
    This was a re-watch and I remembered that liked it cause it was crazy and the second time it where is indeed very crazy, I don't think I will watch this again!
    It just one of those movies that were one time watch

    Day 7 the hitcher remake
    Actions packed movie but can be forgettable

    I liked how it started off, decent fight scenes in this movie and rest of the movie mix bag!

    Day 9 7500
    I be waiting for this movie for so long , it had its moment here and there buy the movie was
    a huge let down and the end , I am so tired of those kind of twist now,

    Day 10 407 dark flight
    What the hell, this movie had the most annoying cast in the world, , nasty,horrible and whining thought out the movie , the comedy scenes were so bad, I actually felt sorry for the ghost one plane and I was of there side

    Day 11 the ghost of flight 401

    Some one told me that 7500 was based on this movie or inspired by it , it is different but it dose have a ghost on a plane
    This is not a horror movie , it more of mystery /drama and it decent ghost story, it was scary or spooky but it was decent watch

    Day 12 Elevator
    I liked the devil and ideally enjoy the blackout 2008 and now I checked out this movie
    this works much better than I thought it would be, l I don't think it was better than the one named above whatever I still really enjoyed

    Day 13
    Cry wolf
    It another re watch I liked it I thought it was fun movie , I love prank movies

    Day 14 the conjuring ( re watch ) I mum saw it for first time. Thought it was really good
    I did not think I would like as my first watch but It still great to watch on second viewing

    Day 15 Mr jones
    I find this movie kind of boring at times but want made me annoyed the most was that it was to far, far to confusing and I had no idea what going at all.

    Day 16 bugs 1975
    A lot better then thought it was going tone, yes it is a bit out dated but it still really good fun b movie

    Day 17 The. Innocent (2013)
    I got this from ASDA , itvery low budget and I just could not get into the movie at all , even with the ghost scenes.

    I reviews this when I get a chance
    Day 18 here comes the devil

    Very strange movie , not in. A good way!

    Day 19 the challenging 1980
    Another rewatch, I should have watched this sooner, I forgot how good this movie was! 10/10

    Day 20 Annabella 2014
    I did not think it was that great and found this movie very boring and dull and one scene, I thought was decent

    Day 21 The town that dreaded Sundown 1970
    With the remake coming out , I thought it be good idea to the watch
    Day 22 Devil times five
    Day 23 Wrong turn 6
    Day 24 The bat 1959
    Day 25 the lodger
    Day 26 the wrong house
    Day 27 The purge

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    I see what I can remember, seen a lot of movies

    Long Time Dead (2002)

    I liked the Plot of the movie very much.

    I thought the movie started off really promising

    I enjoyed the first 20 mins of the movie, were what normal kids do , drink , sex and they Bring the oujju board.

    The group end up unleashing a evil spirits. Which end killed them one by one however the deaths were really disappointing as toy only get to see the aftermath of them

    After the fine first death the movies drags on for far to long , which makes you lose instust and of that people are looking scared the whole time.

    Then it picks up for last 20 mins of the movie and they try to put so much stuff in those to much

    The downside to this movie was the pacing , it was all over the place . They could have spread it out more

    The acting was decent and I really enjoyed the last scene


    The Frighteners (1996)

    Wow, I can not believe that I have never seen this movie in full before.

    I had seen pits of here and there now and again.

    I love this movies It one the most fussiest horror movies of all time

    I loved the p'ot the movie as it started of the word go,

    This was a really fun movie to watch and it was not scary at all , I don't think it wanted to be!

    I could not stop laughing at what some of the ghost were doing

    One think did bug me in this movie was , that some ghost ending going though thinks but some ghost can land on a car and not go though

    As i was wacthing this time flew as it was really fast pace and the acting was really good of the whole cast

    And the effects for ghost were really done well


    The Devil's Backbone (2001)
    I was really not sure what to expect from this movie at all, well it was a lot different then I thought it would !

    Well have seem some parts of the movie now and again but never actually seen the movie in full and last night I did.

    I liked it as it was your normal horror movie about boy ghosts haunting boy.

    How It was more drama then horror that had ghost boy who warming the the kid that cloud seem after he was just left by his dad .

    It was about the janitor who r really nasty pieces of work and very unlikeable.

    Some sciences are really well done , really enjoyed the stunts and the effects of it was really good. But seeing. The aftermath of stunt was really sad.

    It was. Really depressing movie after, , t (the ending was really fitting. For the movie)

    Decent ghost story

    I really don't know how to rate this movie , I give. A 6 out of 10

    Cherry Falls (2000)
    I did not like this movie At all

    The opening was very decent however the plot sound really silly and the movie was really silly

    I was really bored which movie , I did not laugh once , I thought this comedy / horror movie

    And the killer in this movie was such joke , not in a funny way at all

    I could care the rest of the movie so I turned it off

    I not going to rate it as I have not seen it full yet !

    I do tend to give movies 2 chance but will will be drinking the next Time I watch this

    A Bucket of Blood (1959)

    I thought this movie was surprising really good, I did not expect to like this movie as much as I did

    As it a some-what short movie, the movie dose not drag at all and it not always action packed.

    I really liked the plot the movie, was really intruding and I liked how story flowed really well.

    I liked some of deaths scenes in this movie, most of them were impaled.

    it's was clever as they made to see deaths with out even seeing them

    I really liked this movie

    Really good acting from the whole cast 8 out of 10

    Martyrs (2008)
    Not because it's a bad movie, (This was actually rematch)

    I had to re-watch, I had not seen, since it first came out, I remember its being a really crazy movie.

    I really liked the opening scenes of the movie, (If I had no seen it before or read anything about this movie)

    The opening makes look a bit a scary ghost story at first but dose not long, when the movies fast forwards a number of years and goes right int to busy without wasting anytime

    This is kinda of nasty and horrible to watch, which some will find very hard to watch.

    7 out of 10

    Black Cadillac (2003)
    I find DVD for very cheap, it was so cheap, I not even going to tell you the price lol.

    I thought this would be really bad, it wasn't not all, it was decent movie.

    First twenty minutes of the movie was really entertaining and there few fights scenes in this movie, which I thought was really good.

    As the rest of the movie kind of dragged on little, there Friends and road trip.

    Who end up getting chased by some other person in the car, which make them fall out with each other.

    The rest of the movie is very predicable and the ending was so bad it was actually very funny

    I thought acting was really good from the whole cast


    7500 (2014)
    When I saw this trailer for this movie, few years back, I thought it looked great,

    I have been waiting for years for this movie to come out, I was clad when finally head came out.

    But smile on my face was soon wiped off and replaced with disappoint face.

    This movie takes some times to get know some of the cast, some humor added to the mix at times.

    There movie starts moving forward, I find it slow in some parts of the movie.

    There good decent moments in the movie by the end of the movie

    with the twist.

    I was like, Not that twist again, I shocked for second, I was annoyed afterwards

    I getting so bored of those twist in movies now, I can't believe I didn't see the Big clues.

    The movie never grab in that much to see that clue.

    407 Dark Flight 3D (2012)
    After being let down by 7500, I thought I this Asian ghost movie on plane a movie.

    What the hell were these people, this movie had the most annoying cast in the world.

    There some very nasty, nasty,horrible and really whining for thought the movie.

    Its was so annoying to watc!

    This movie was more comedy then horror and those Comedy scenes was so shocking bad.

    I actually felt sorry for ghost on that Plane and I was on there side!

    The Ghost of Flight 401 (1978) (TV)
    I never heard of this movie until i saw 7500.

    Someone I know told that movie was based of inspired by this movie.

    There both really different movies but there have only have two things common, its set on Plane and with Supernatural things on a plane.

    This is not a horror movie , it more of mystery /drama and really good one two,

    This movie flowed really well, it wasn't really that scary at all but there were some creepy, ghost scenes.

    The acting in this movie was really good for a TV movie

    I going to give this movie 7 OUT OF 10

    Elevator (2011/I)

    I liked the movie Devil (2010) and also liked the movie Blackout (IV) (2008)

    All three of these have on thing in common, is that most of movie takes center stage in the Elevator and they all very different in a way

    This movie was a lot better then I thought it would, it had some decent cast, some were not likable.

    I thought the movie flowed really well from to start to end,even it just one location.

    There one really bloody moment in this movie, which wasn't to much.

    i Thought the movie was Entertaining

  • #2

    Cry_Wolf (2005)
    This was another re-watch, I not seen for some times and I remember really like it back them.

    After seeing again, after some years, I still felt the same.

    I liked this movie, it was bit like April fools days, with number of Teens get together and start a rumour about the Wolf Who as killed a girl.

    The story they made about them self being killed by the wolf end up coming true.

    Some of pranks were very funny to watch before the killing start!

    There few twist and turns in the story, When I first saw I didn't she that twist coming at all.


    Mr. Jones (2013)
    I don't really have much to say about this movie.

    Its sound like good movie to me but I found very boring for most of the movie.

    That really annoyed it the movie was far to confusing to follow and I didn't really understand what the hell was going on,

    I didn't the fact it going back and forwards were other people were taking about Mr Jones

    I Did not find any of the movie scary or anything but There were some weird moments in the movie, which kind of liked even thought that really puzzled by the story.

    I thought the acting was really good in this movie

    i going to give this movie a 3/10

    The Hitcher (2007)
    One I clad it was not scene from scene remake movie, which was one good think about this movie.

    This movie actually felt of remake of Hitcher 1 and 2 mixed together, I enjoy both of those movies.

    And other thing I liked about this movie it was never boring but as it was action packed from start to end.

    I felt there something that let this movie down but I just can not put my finger on it!

    I don't this was tense as the original but I thinking the acting was really good from the whole cast

    Bug (1975)
    This was a lot better then I thought it would be , I did not think I would actually even like this movie never mind loving it

    The movies dose not take long to start of at all There a number people attending A church and there is a earthquake . W

    The earthquake scence dose seen a little outdated now but easy to get pass as the rest of the movie was Really fun.

    I liked the first part half of the movie better then the second as I enjoyed the scenes of the bus killing.

    Then the. Ovie can turns into another kind if story, which try blended into early part of the movie and the some how makes news bugs

    Which in the end backfires on him 7/10

    Also re-watch the conjuring again before seeing

    Annabelle (2014)
    Well I expected to be a lot more of this movie. I don't. Mind slows movies (I loved oculus which came out early in the year)

    I was really disappointed with this, the trailer makes it look a lot creepy then it actually it.

    I just could not get into the movie at all by the 40 minutes mark , , then it moves, I was kind of bored then .

    The the movies story moves forward a little and there one decent creepy moment in the movie in the whole movie.

    I didn't even find the doll all that creepy!

    I just like the whole movie just average horror movie 5/10 for me

    Here Comes the Devil (2012)
    I really not sure what to make of these movie

    When I saw the trailer. , it makes it seem like a completely different movie and it looked a lot more scary the. It was,

    From the very first scence of the. Ovie , it was a really odd way to open the movie ( It was really steamy to watch)! But I don't anything to do with rest of the movie

    The parents lets there kids go alone to places (which is cured or something )

    Then kids go missing and they turn out t he blue and study acting a bit strange the mother knows something up

    There is some kind turn in story but it a not a twist as the movie is very predicable


    Hellgate (1989)
    This is not a great or even that. To watch however I have seen much worse movie then this movie

    I guess I small soft spot for this movie , I kind of liked the plot of the movie , I thought The had some good ideas and I did not find it boring.

    The only goods things that I can say about the movie , it is a shame the good idea did not show well on screen at all , some must of lost from the sprict to the filming

    I do think it was down to some of the actors in this movie , there were some bad acting in this movie by the main cast

    In thought done deaths in this movie wad a bit silly at times ANC some effects were really bad it was kind of funny in a way

    And ending wax really poorly done.

    3/ out of 10

    Devils Times Five (1974)
    This is also know as peopletoys 1974

    Being a horror fan , I am so shocked that I had not seen this movie before!

    This movie as to one best killer kids movies of all times ,

    I actually thought was really good and shocking , well for time

    The movies about fives kids wondering around and find the place (all mixed age and everything) there are acting very strange for most of the movie,

    The acting from kids were great, I actually thought were really were scary to watch.

    The end was chilling at end, how done and dusted and played and want to movie on to next!


    The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)
    The town that dreaded Sundown 1970

    I thought it would be good idea to see this movie before I saw this remake, i heard some really stuff about this movie before, never got chance to see before.

    Now the remake is out in some places, I not sure if out in the UK out, maybe it is, I hope it is better this movie.

    As I just could not get into this movie at all

    I felt it was okay plot but I just felt like something was missing from the whole movie ,

    I can not put my finger on it, the movie didn't really grab in at all

    I was kind of bored most of the movie, when there not once that I found memorable at all and I only saw this last week I can't even remember how the movie ended, I Know I watch the whole movie.


    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
    This is now the oldest movie I ever seen now, (Second oldest was 1924 0

    I don't think this silent movie was great but I do think That was really good movie, it was nice short and very sweet to watch,

    I thought the movie had some very good creepy scenes for time, (yet those scenes still work now on some level)

    I thought acting was really good from the whole short movie, I wasn't fan of ending, I thought

    it kind of ruin the feel of the movie. It's felt a bit silly and I found that ending to very funny.

    The rest of the movie was good watch!

    I going to give this movie 7 out of 10

    The Stuff (1985)
    Well i found this movie for pound , I heard nothing but good coo rants about this movie. So I could not pass on it!

    This was the first time I saw this movie ( even thought I was getting interrupted every few minutes while watching the movie)

    Still managed to have fun with the movie, it would be more fun , if I did not after to keep pausing it!

    The movie was great watch, I really liked how the movie flowed , very fun movie. I loved the Special. Affects in this movie, as It can be very cheesy

    Great acting from or cast , this fun horror movie for new horror fans

    7 out of 10

    Curfew (1989)

    I heard nothing but really bad stuff about this movie, the only reason
    I watch this was. cease I was curious , how bad it was ( the only
    reason I got this movie is because it had mirror mirror (1990) On the
    other side , which I think is a great movie ) It a shame I can't say
    the think about this movie, I thought had really strong plot For low
    budget .

    I thought first 30 minutes if the movie was so -what entertaining and
    not boring for that part.

    Even the movie flowed really well However there are times were the
    scripts is so bad in places , that makes the acting

    Look even more worse then It already was. My god the acting in this
    movie was wooden

    I have ever see. From some if cast.

    I did not think it was all that bad (not saying it a good movie at all)
    but I have see. Much worse then this ( you may think that hard to
    believe but it's true )

    I give 4 out 10

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    other movies I have seen
    The. Innocent (2013) I just could not get into the movie at all

    the challenging 1980 Another rewatch, I should have watched this sooner, I forgot how good this movie was! 10/10

    Wrong Turn 6 (2013) A lot more story, there gory, there some decent gory deaths but not on same level as the last few movies in the series.

    The lodger - I forgot what happen in it

    The wrong house - what was decent movie, I liked the story

    the purge- Not sure what to make of it
    Samel's lot - Creepy

    The hease 1980 - Not sure what to make of this one, I thought it was disappointing

    Hell baby - Fun movie!, it take it to get funny, I didn't find that funny, I enjoy second half of the movie more.

    This House Possessed (1981) Another the movie, i can not remember much from it!

    High tension 2003 - Really good movie and good twist

    Children Shouldn't play with dead things : This was a odd one, I thougt it took a really long time to get going!

    Mercy 2014 - What was kind of Bland, it wasn't boring, it felt more for PG 13, Which really grab in at any point

    Hollows Grove (2014) I found it hilarious and its not a comedy!

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    The howling 1981
    The howling 1981

    I liked how the first half of the movie, builds up tension Before the craziness start

    Which I enjoyed.

    The second part of the movie was actions packed madness the werewolf effect was great and the make up effects were great

    The transformation scene was amazing done it was short and quick but it was just perfect.

    I really liked how the plot came to a end, new report turning into a werewolf on the news is one of my favourite movie scene.

    Acting was great from whole cast 9/10

    The Howling 2 1985

    This is my first watch of the sequel The one think I can say about this movie is that, it was not boring at all and it did not take to long to get started

    I was a bit annoyed from first werewolf scenes as when doing people turn to werewolf in day? Full moon plot was ignored

    As rest of the movie people were turning in werewolf in day light throughout , Which really bugged me.

    What the hell was the whole supernatural finger magic near the end , that just felt so out of place.

    The make up effects were not good at all and transformation scenes were really badly edited

    One thing I actually liked was the song that played most of the movie , I had it stuck in my head the all day.

    I felt the acting was just mediocre 3/10

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