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The hardy bucks movie



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    Darko wrote: »
    Just after watching this and really not the least bit impressed. It's 83 near laugh-less minutes without a single original moment or gag and some of the worst continuity I have ever seen. I went in with low expectations and would have been happy if it delivered a couple of laughs and a little wit but instead got an 83 minute film that felt 3 hours long. It's a shame that it's so poor as the show generally provided a few laughs and it's always good to see an Irish film that tries to do something a little different. Hopefully the proposed sequel will have a decent script and a little more imagination.

    Couldn't agree more, I'm a big fan of the YouTube series and I saw how watered down it got with RTE show so I had high hopes for the movie to not be that way -

    Unfortunately it didn't deliver and what we are left with was a predictable mess of a movie, with the lads seemingly trying to explain away everything they did (obviously for the foreign audiences) and it just did not work in my opinion, I actually could not wait for the film to end either, and that's sad as I have been following the lads antics all the way back to the first y/t season...

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    Hardy Bucks interview with On The Reel

    Buzz, Eddie and Viper about shifting women, Louis Walsh and getting schteamed in Poland for ‘The Hardy Bucks Movie’, which is out now on DVD.

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    Loved it (the movie)

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    you hate it,but are trying very hard not to be offensive. :D

    Say what now? :)

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    saw it last week, very much enjoyed it!

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    They're making a sequel hey.