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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)
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Hello all! This is just a quick reminder to ensure that you are posting a new thread or question in the appropriate forum. The Feedback forum is overwhelmed with questions that are having to be moved elsewhere.


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    Charter (Shamelessly adapted from Personal Issues - thanks!)

    Welcome to The Carers’ Forum.

    The site rules apply as does the general poster code of conduct for more on this please see the site's faq:

    Replying to threads in the Carers’ forum:

    Reply to threads in a civil manner.

    Any advice given should be mature, constructive and non-abusive. Opinions are welcome. The primary focus of this forum will be support and help for Carers. Abusive attitudes towards people being cared for will not be tolerated, but Carers expressing frustration should not be subjected to judgmental replies.

    Txtspk is not permitted on this forum, posts which are too hard to read will be deleted.

    Think carefully about what you're posting, remember you may not be as anonymous as you think.

    Trolling will not be tolerated.

    There is zero tolerance for muppetry here, and trolls etc. will not be treated lightly.

    Do not link Carer threads to other forums.

    Off topic posts and unhelpful posts will not be tolerated.

    Advising posters on breaking the law will not be tolerated.

    Do not ask for updates/to be kept updated

    If you have nothing relevant to add to the topic, please refrain from posting anything at all.

    Do not ask an OP to pm/msn/skype/email you in this forum

    Medical or professional advice

    As per the site rules

    Posting Unregistered (Posting anonymously)

    You may use the "Guest" option to start a thread, or reply, anonymously. You can do this by logging out and then posting. Abuse of this will not be tolerated. Unregistered posts have to be approved by a Moderator and will not appear immediately. They will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

    Registered users can post anonymously by logging out and posting a reply. If you are not registered you may still post, your nickname would be seen as "Unregistered".

    You change the name of "Unregistered" to something else, please consider doing this for clarity's sake so that we do not have several people identified as "Unregistered" within the one thread.

    Also, your name and IP address will not be shown to the general public. However, this cannot be abused. The owners/Administrators of do have the powers to view any post's IP address but only as a last resort.

    Anonymity is sacred but trouble making is most definitely not.

    Unregistered posts cannot be edited, Mods cannot guarantee to edit your post if you have any regrets about what you posted, as we cannot guarantee that you are the original poster.

    Missing posts

    If you login and see that some posts are missing from a thread and/or edited, this generally means the posts were: abusive, trolling or flaming, or off-topic

    Trolls will be warned and banned, or banned without warning if necessary.

    The Moderators

    Any problems with the moderators then feel free to PM us. If you are still unhappy then start a thread in Help Desk.

    If you wish to dispute an infraction or ban then please follow the steps outlined in the Dispute Resolution Forum.

    Questioning a mod action in a thread in the Carers’ forum is considered off topic and unhelpful posting and may result in a ban from the forum.

    Help by reporting posts

    Reporting posts which break the rules of the forum means that the mods will see them sooner and take action on them.

    Please feel free to use the "Report this post to moderators" option. To do this click on the report post icon in a post this alerts all the mods of the forum.

    If there is a general attitude from someone you've a problem with and it's not just a single post then PM/email a moderator with the details and we'll see what we can do.

    Final reminder

    Off topic and unhelpful behaviour will result in a ban and ban lengths are accumulative and posters can be permanently banned from the Carers’ forum.

    Not having read the rules of this forum is not an excuse.

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