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Accountancy and finance

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    Hi guys I am starting this course this year and am wondering will I be able to use my laptop during lessons as my handwriting is dreadful?
    Thanks for your time.


  • I can't see any lecturer's having a problem with using laptops to take notes. You will, obviously, not be able to use it during exams though.

    I'm in a different course but still, seriously can't see any lecturer having a problem with using a laptop for notes.

  • Thanks mate! Just went out and blew 550 euro i didnt have on a new one xD

  • I often have my laptop open during class.. not sure if it's a good idea. Facebook/boards/etc are so accessible and so much more interesting than anything the lecturer is saying.

    As for will the lecturer mind... my current lecturers don't but i can see how it would be very annoying if someone is frantically clicking keys when a lecturer is trying to explain something... if not for the lecturer, for the people sitting beside you.

    My opinion is you should comply if your lecturer tells you to put it away. Usually all the lecturer goes through is notes or a text book that you have in front of you anyway, so if you really feel the need to jot down clarification or examples it would be just as easy to write it in the margin of your book.