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***I am FORUM CHARTER - Hear me roar!!*** - Read me! THAT MEANS YOU, NEWBIES

  • 07-08-2012 12:05am
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    Thanks to jpcarlow for the title and his help with writing this charter.

    Welcome to the Maynooth University forum!

    The current Maynooth University forum moderators are: Thwip! and XxMCRxBabyxX.
    The current Edu CMods are: Bobblehead Panda and spurious.

    Boards Terms of Use – These are the site-wide rules. By using this forum, we assume that you have read them.

    Violations of the below rules are interpreted entirely at the discretion of the moderators.

    1. Threads should be relevant to the Maynooth University forum.

    2. Please be careful when referring to lecturers/college staff – be aware that some of them read this forum. Any post that crosses the line will be dealt with. Repeated offences will lead to a permanent ban from this forum.

    3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Remember - attack the post, not the poster. Personal attacks are not allowed. Be respectful of the other posters who use this forum.

    4. Please do not sign up to boards/post in this forum simply to advertise your product, event or election candidates. Infractions/bans will be issued for this. Maynooth University clubs and societies can advertise ONLY on the specific clubs & socs thread started by the mods for this purpose. Advertising posts from clubs & socs will be infracted if posted outside this thread.

    5. If you want to post a survey, please post it on the surveys & non-media research forum. DO NOT post surveys in this forum.

    6. Please do not post phone numbers or email addresses unless they are publicly available (e.g. college department emails). This is to ensure your privacy.

    7. If you have a problem with a post, report it (report.gif). DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Reported posts will be dealt with by one of the moderators if action is deemed necessary. Moderators also have the right to deal with any posts they believe to be problematic, even if not reported.

    8. Do not query moderation issues on thread. If you have a question, please PM the moderator.

    9. If you are unhappy with a warning/infraction/ban you have been issued on this forum, you can use the Dispute Resolution Procedure to discuss the matter.

    Link to previous charter.

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