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Lotto syndicate

  • 01-08-2012 9:35am
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    Hope this is the right place to post this...thought i would get more sensible answers than after hours, which is the other place i thought of posting it.
    At my work we don't have a regular euromillions syndicate, only when the jackpot is over 100million (gotta make it worth winning:D) so last week we had 20 people in the syndicate for fri night which won €33.

    On Monday there were some people who returned from holidays who wanted to be part of it so i started a NEW syndicate. In my emails i was quite clear that it was a new syndicate, but that anybody could enter, including those who were in the one from Fri night still.

    9 people entered the second syndicate.

    The €33 from the fri night syndicate was reinvested into last nights draw and the second syndicate had €18 invested in seperate tickets.

    The tickets from the €33 didn't win anything last night and the tickets from the €18 won €12.

    As far as i was concerned the orginal Fri night syndicate is over as it has no more money left and the Tues night syndicate will have 6 lines on Fri.

    So i sent around an email at work aski if people wanted to be in new syndicate for this fri night they should put in their €2 again. However there has now been some protest with someone saying that the winnings from the tues syndicate should be combined into the new one for this Fri night.

    My point is that there was not enough winnings on Tues night to cover everyone in that syndicate so they each have an entry again (€18 to enter, only won €12, so €6 short). Therefore it is best to be kept seperate. Also if someone was asked to put in the extra €6 so it is even they theoritcally could have a claim to three times as much as they paid in three times as much.

    What do people think should be done?
    In Sept i am going to start a proper weekly syndicate so we don't have this happening again!


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    Buy some biscuits/chocs for the office using the €12, and start clean.

    Or leave the newbies off until September.

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    Having run many of them, I will relay my experiences.
    "Only paid up members go into the draw so if you haven't paid your money, you are not in!
    If you are on holdiays, make sure you prepay.
    The only allowance would be for someone who asks me to be put in if they are out sick or on holidays and forget to pay up.
    Any winnings are divded equally by the number of participants in that draw whether it is 5 cents or 1 million as long as you have paid your fee.
    As each draw is a seperate draw, you can enter if you want to with no obligation to continue each draw."

    They were the main rules I had.
    No fee, no entry.
    Everybody knew that and were happy enough to abide by them.
    I would send a mail to all those who were in, with a scan of the numbers and anybody who didn't receive a mail, knew they weren't in that draw.

    On your draw, you cannot expect any winnings if you weren't part of that draw!
    On the A draw, if the numbers didn;t yield anythign then the payout was zero.
    If draw B had winnings, then only the people who had paid for draw B would get any winnings. anybody who had paid for draw A doesn't get anything.
    You shouldn't put the winnings into future draws as it will cause problems if there are different people in both draws.
    People who hadn't participated will get part of their entry fee paid from winnings win by other people.

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    best thing to do with smaller winnings (3, 3 and bonus, 4) is to draws name out of a hat to decide who gets it rather than giving everyone 50c or anything like that.