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IAA Committee Resignation

  • 27-07-2012 9:00pm
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    Surprised there's no thread on this.

    Quoted from the IAA Facebook:
    Dear fellow members,

    it is with great regret and no little reluctance that I tender my resignation both from the post of Chairman and from the committee of the Irish Airsoft Association.

    I am currently fighting for my job and feel that all my efforts must go into that endeavor. This is not a decision I have taken lightly and have discussed this with my family and other committee members over the past while.

    I stepped into the post of Chariman at a time when no one was willing to go to bat for the association and I hope that people will step forward now and in the future to serve this great sport.

    This resignation means that as of now Jamie Malone is acting chair of the IAA and all queries going forward can be directed to Jamie.

    Keith Naylor


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    No surprise there really
    If the IAA wishes to make an official statement then we'll publish it, usual channels are still open :)

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