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**Racquet Sports Charter. PLEASE READ** [Updated February 2023]

  • 15-05-2012 3:59pm
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    Current Racquet Sports moderator is yerwanthere123

    • This board is for discussing all things racquet related – tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, racquetball, pickleball and such.

    • Don’t waste people’s time by posting unrelated rubbish in the forum. It will be swiftly moved to a more relevant board.

    • DO NOT post results in the subject line.

    • Attack the opinion, not the person.

    • Personal abuse, racism etc will result in an indefinite ban for the perpetrator. This also includes abuse directed at players, linespeople or tennis commentators.

    • Straying off-topic will result in post deletion.

    • No back-seat modding. If you see a post/thread that goes against the charter, report it to yerwanthere123

    • Stupidity is a bannable offence. You WILL feel the force of the ban racquet if you are an idiot.

    • No text speak allowed. It’s unnecessary and gives people a headache. We’re not in a war – no need for coding!

    • Absolutely NO advertising or spam. This includes racquet clubs, equipment etc.

    • Trolls will not be tolerated.

    • Any unfounded rants or accusations about players and drugs will not be tolerated.

    • No questioning moderator’s actions on a thread. It drags everything off-topic.

    • Only links of streams legal in Ireland are allowed. Anything illegal will be deleted. If you want a stream, Google it yourself.

    • Don't post personal phone numbers or email addresses.

    • If you have a problem with these rules or anyone on the board, PM yerwanthere123.

    • Above all else, be civil. Anyone who cannot be civil will likely be banned from the forum
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