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Kundalini expert / specialst in Ireland



  • Registered Users Posts: 13 willthatdo

    Interesting .Can you elaborate or say more ?

    Basicly long story short,

    The idea of enlightenment is to become at one with all that is. It teaches that we are all on a path to find our way back to source. They teach that you have to work through karma and built up emotions in your energy field and when you finally reach enlightenment you no longer have to reincarnate.

    But in my experience, it is no more than an ecstatic state. When you reach that point it is like ecstasy. It is true when they say that you will feel love for all people and things. You have probably read or heard stories of people who reach that point saying that they even feel immense love for trees and nature. When I experienced it I was in pure ecstasy and I felt love for all things. I could look at people, trees and I could even look at a concrete wall or a rock and feel love for it. But a rock will never reflect that love back to you. It is also accompanied by a strange sense of separation in a way that is like an emptiness but which could almost be missed if you are focusing on being high. And could almost be missed if you have never felt what its like to be filled.
    Another long story short and after another experience I turned back to strictly prayer to Jesus and God. ( As in Christian God )
    I guess the best way to describe it is that enlightenment is like unrequited love and acceptance of Jesus and God is like real love. When you accept God, there is no healing crisis, no need to heal karma, no need to meditate to heal old emotions and no need to mess with chakras. The need is more focused on keeping chakras closed tightly and to guard yourself from the spirit world so that you are not tricked into the path of enlightenment which leads you to thinking you are god and which separates you from the real God.
    I know this will go against some of your beliefs and it is a rushed answer which may not be as clear as could be but try to be as open to it as you are to the path you are on.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 83 ✭✭Green_Tae

    willthatdo wrote: »
    The need is more focused on keeping chakras closed tightly and to guard yourself from the spirit world so that you are not tricked into the path of enlightenment which leads you to thinking you are god and which separates you from the real God.

    To quote Ace Ventura, pet detective, "Ree-hee-healy?"

    Anyway. I've experienced intense kundalini symptoms in the past, consequently meditation, diet and yoga/exercise have become essential cornerstones of my life. I just want to put out some practical advice. I'm not going to pretend to be enlightened or to have had any experiences of 'pure love' or anything like that.

    I've experimented with diet a lot over the past year. I got a bit obsessed with it to be honest, just be careful with your body. I'm caucasian, it probably did me no favours to completely cut out dairy. Too much dairy is a problem, for sure (think of all those teenagers with A.D.H.D living off milky bowls of cereal and bottles of yop) but you need calcium. A little cheese is okay. You won't get it all from brocolli. I was on the macrobiotic diet and honestly, it's designed for asians and an asian lifestyle. I did not benefit directly from it. Same with gluten. It is not the devil. You need to eat sensibly, stay balanced.

    Processed food is the biggest culprit, it really hurts your metabolism and slows you down. The following food stuffs I have found to be really detrimental - doritos and crisps, salted and chilli nuts and the like, sachets of powder in instant noodles (e.g. koka and mcdonnells, take note students), plastic packets of pre-made soups (knorr, even though they have removed the msg). Alcohol has to go if you're genuinely experiencing kundalini symptoms. Watch your caffeine levels, decaf. green and regular tea (tesco do cheap blue boxes, Lyons decaf is sh!te) is your best friend here. Sugar levels and body acidity will have to be watched.

    Basically learn to cook. Some mild fasting will help you attune to your body and it's needs. You need greens. Brocolli, cabbage and spinach are genuine superfoods. Stir-frys are a great excuse to get these vegetables into your diet. Cook with garlic when you can. Quinoa is really good. Basically, learn to cook. Your recipes will build up and get better over time. Just make sure you cut out the crap. Drink lots of spring water and try to have a regular meditation routine. Best of luck :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 548 ✭✭✭barrymanilow

    Interesting Green Tae , not to dispute your advice but in my own case I have found that eating unhealthy ****e food actually has the opposite effect and brings down my knudalini symptoms . It could be different for everyone .

    I'm no expert either and have only my experience and from watching whats been happening for me my theory on it is that the healthier , more clear and more energised my system is then the more powerfullly the kundalini(or whatever it is) flows and then the more intense the symptoms I experience .

    For example after a long week of painful symptoms with the energy ramming up against my jaws and forehead I find a night of pints followed by chips will mean that I'm wrecked sunday , my health and energy will be down but the kundalini will be also . I'm convinced that me turning vegetarian could havea lot to do with the awakening of kundalini in me . I turned vegetarian at the same time as I started to look deeper into meditation and energy work and I think it was all too much thus kicking off an overactive kundalini .