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Strength & Strength Sports Logs Charter

  • 01-02-2012 9:21am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 7,351 ✭✭✭ the drifter

    Welcome to the Strength & Strength Sports Forum

    What this forum is for.
    This forum will be for the discussion of all things Strength & Strength Sports related,from Worlds strongest man to Starting strength to just increasing your bench.

    Please be aware that the site wide rules and guidelines apply here.

    Don't be a Dick!
    Don't post porn!
    No Spamming!
    No Advertising
    Don't abuse people personally
    Don't back seat moderate
    Don't request medical or professional advise
    Not reading the rules is against the rules
    Discretion of the Moderator
    Don't post stuff that is not safe for work [NSFW]
    Forbidden topics of discussion

    Please get your facts straight
    A general rule that we all should try to live by, but invariably do not. However in this forum misinformation could have fairly tangible consequences. We will all make mistakes and we will all disagree with some things as the best approach, however if you post truly idiotic or dangerous advice it will be removed. In debates try to back your points with existing literature if available. Do not post unfounded allegations or state potential links if you cannot defend them.

    No Steroid Pushing
    General discussion about steroids is fine but absolutely no pushing, advise on how to use, information on where to buy or detail on how to use them will be tolerated.

    Video Posting Guidelines
    For a while now there has been a practice on the fitness forum of some folks posting videos to demonstrate an exercise/routine to a poster in response to a post. While this is most welcome and we appreciate the time and effort taken by some to create and post these videos, there are however some conditions which must be adhered to.
    Videos are for the benefit of the posters. They are not a means to promote a business
    There is to be no OTT advertising of a business/service/product in either the visual or narrative of the video
    Videos meant as instructional aids should show correct form of the exercise(s) covered
    Videos should be posted using tags and not links to the business site of the person providing the video. This strays into advertising on the forum, which is not allowed. A thread can be provided for videos to be uploaded to and videos can then be linked to from this thread if necessary.
    Absolutely NO videos covering injury rehab allowed, as this would breach the overall site posting rules as well as the Forum Charter
    Please remember that quite a number of folks browse the forums on mobile devices, so please only use videos where appropriate and please refrain from posting multiple videos in threads, as this can seriously affect the browsing experience on mobile devices.
    Where possible please remove the video when quoting posts which include a video, as again needlessly including the video can have an adverse effect on mobile users.
    Videos which breach any of these guidelines will be removed from the forum/post at the Moderator discretion and the moderators opinion regarding the suitability of a video for the forum will be absolute

    What if the rules are broken?

    In the event that someone breaks one of the rules above, the specific sanction that will be taken will largely depend on the context. There are several kinds of sanction which moderators may use (along with editing or deletion of posts)

    A private word by PM with the poster to point out the problem and try to resolve it.
    A public note in the thread itself (often referred to as a Mod Notice or a Mod Warning) pointing out the problem and requiring that it be resolved.
    A Warning for the poster.
    An Infraction for the poster
    A ban from the forum for the poster, either temporarily or permanently.

    It should be noted that in exceptional circumstances, a poster may be banned from the entire site, though happily this happens extremely rarely.

    No allegations against athletes , particularly in regard to steroid use. If you want to accuse them make sure you have a bulletproof source or you will be banned, discussing Steroid use at all is not allowed unless it's about someone who was banned for it and it is not just speculation.

    No Food Diaries to be kept

    ***shamlessly quick charter robbed from all over the place while im in work. Will look at something better later******

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