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Avengers trailer


  • Whedon has done such a brilliant job with the Avengers. I think he has just cemented himself as a Marvel director. Best Marvel film by a long shot and was so easy to mess up with the amount of big egos on screen at once but everyone gelled so well and had grat on screen chemistry which I know was the workings of Whedon. Can't wait to see it again!

  • Sheehy, did you get to see the Advanced critics preview or the Red carpit one from last week? Please dont give any details of the movie though as its now out here till the 26th

  • Saw it at the advanced screen in dublin on the 14th. Wouldn't dream of spoiling it although mad to talk about what happens after the credits! :)

  • Just saw it now. Amazing film. The following spoiler tag will contain spoilers for the movie, please don't read it unless you've already seen it.
    So when Colson died, I was heartbroken. Then halfway through the next scene I went: "Wait a minute... A beloved character just died to show everyone that **** was getting real... WHEDON!" =(

  • I reckon after this, Joss Whedon will become known as 'the guy who directed The Avengers' rather than 'the creator of Buffy/Angel'.

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  • Went to see this at the weekend and thought it was fantastic. Loved the Hulk. :)