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Got an electronic tag? Here are some guidelines

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    The location of the tag in your vehicle: If your tag is not affixed correctly to the windscreen of your vehicle, as advised by your tag provider, barrier toll plazas may have difficulty detecting the tag, and may not lift the barrier. Please ensure that the tag is affixed correctly to the windscreen at all times.

    In a car, the eFlow tag should be positioned internally, high up and centred on the windscreen, preferably behind the rear-view mirror (if the mirror is centred). Good idea to clean and dry the area of the windscreen where the tag will be installed. Remove the protective cover from the adhesive. Then, fix the holder on the windscreen. Where a vehicle has an athermic (UV-coated) windscreen, place the holder on the black dots. Push firmly with your thumb for about five seconds. The tag is then fixed in a horizontal position in the holder (so the word 'Melodhy' can be read normally - this is only the case for older tags though, not the newly issued ones, which have the name Kapsch on them).

    Ensure your tag is in the vehicle it has been assigned to: All tags have a unique identification number. When your tag is issued to you, it is assigned to a vehicle and can only be used in this vehicle. Tags can be reassigned to different vehicles only by contacting your tag provider, and this must be completed before any journeys are taken in the new vehicle.

    Ensure all is up to date on your account: When an issue occurs on a tag account, a tag will become invalid and will not lift the barrier, or you may receive eFlow penalty notices (which can be resolved). Below is a number of reasons that may explain why your tag will not lift the barrier:
    • Invalid payment method on account/payment failure (e.g. change of bank details, replaced/expired credit or debit card)
    • Vehicle removed from the account and the tag not reassigned
    • Faulty tag
    If your tag is not being read successfully or you have received eFlow penalty notices for a vehicle that has a tag, please contact your tag provider.

    If you are not a registered eFlow customer and you receive eFlow penalty notices, please be advised that you will need to make contact with both eFlow and your own tag provider.

    Travel at a safe speed: If your vehicle is travelling at a speed greater then 50kph in the express lane of a barrier toll, the tag express lane will close, and a filter light will advise the customer to use a different lane.
    One of the benefits of the barrier free toll on the M50: as there is no barrier, you will not need to alter your speed.

    Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you: If your vehicle is travelling at a distance less then 30 metres from the vehicle in front, the express lane will close and a filter light will advise the customer to use a different lane. Please ensure to keep a distance greater than 30 metres between your vehicle and the vehicle in front when using the express lane on a barrier toll.

    Avoid tail-gating, ensure the barrier has come down completely behind the vehicle in front in all lanes before proceeding: Proceeding before the barrier has come down completely may result in the barrier causing damage to a vehicle.

    What to do if you are having tag difficulty on one particular toll road: Please be advised that while a tag can be functioning correctly, there may be issues on the toll plaza itself, which can result in the barrier not lifting.
    If you have followed all tag guidelines but continue to have a consistent issue with one particular toll plaza, please contact your tag provider who will liaise with the operators of that particular toll to attempt to resolve the issue.

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