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Stronger than yer granny



  • Yesterday

    70kg (2x5)
    80kg x 3
    100kg x 1
    110kg x 5
    120kg x 5
    130kg x 5

    Cable Row
    Pin14 (3x12)

    EZ Curls
    30kg (3x10)


  • The Return of the Pink Panther Returns.....

    Training has been fairly shit the last while. Decided in January to cut some weight as I was a bit of a fat bastard after Christmas. 1st of Jan, I was 82.3kg; 6th of Feb I was 76.2kg. So that went well. Since then, I've lost another 2kg or so but strength has plummeted and motivation dampened. Getting back to it now. Lower numbers and I'm a fair bit smaller. But fuck it; plenty of work to be done!

    Bar x 10, 8
    40kg x 5
    50kg x 3
    60kg x 1
    70kg x 5
    75kg x 5
    80kg x 5
    82.5kg (3x3) - Last rep on all three sets were hard.

    Cable Rows
    Pin16 (3x10)

    DB Shrugs
    40kg (3x10)

    DB Curls
    17.5kg (3x12)

    Pin 14 - (3x12)

    Hammer Curls
    15kg (2x10, 1x15)

    It's on.

  • Tuesday

    Trained in Carlisle with the missus to teach her the lifts. Didn't get too much done. Squatted a top set of 115kg x 5 and did some curls n'crap. She did well though. Her third time squatting and she got 5 reps at 47.5kg which is almost 90% bodyweight. So I didn't get much done but left with a silly, proud head on me. Awful gym though; I don't know how people can train there.


    DB Bench
    27.5kg (3x8) - Last few reps were tough enough.

    Lat Raise
    12.5kg (3x8)

    DB Shrugs
    42.5kg (2x12, 1x15)

    DB Curls
    17.5kg (3x13)

    Pin 14 - (3x15)

    Hammer Curls
    15kg (3x11)

    Happy with that.

  • Saturday


    110kg x 5
    120kg x 5
    130kg x 5

    Lat Pulldown



    Overhead Press
    Top set was 50kg x 3. Shoulder felt a bit off so didn't do any more sets.


    DB Curlz
    20kg (3x12)

    Triceps Extension

    Hammer Curls
    15kg (3x15)

  • Yesterday - Testing

    Squat - 130kg - 87% of all time max

    Bench - 92.5kg - 90% of all time max

    Deadlift - 160kg - 84% of all time max

    New programming to follow. Numbers will rise. Can't wait!

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  • My lifts have obviously gone to shit. So I went to RevFit a month ago to get help cos I couldn't get strong again by myself. Tested my numbers at the time and got:

    Squat - 130kg
    Bench - 92.5kg
    Deadlift - 160kg

    Tested again today.

    Squat - 155kg - all-time pr of 5kg and my first double bodyweight squat!
    Bench - 100kg

    And totally couldn't deadlift because of being fried from the squatting. But last week deadlifted 150kg x 5.

    So, uh, yeah.... Fucking happy!

  • Have to start logging again; totally losing track of things.



    Bench - 77.5kg (8x3) superset with Pull-ups - 8x4

    122.5kg - 8x3

    135kg - 8x3

    Long day.

  • Today:


    Bench - 80kg - 8x3 superset with Pull-ups - 8x5

    125kg - 8x3

    3 Rounds of:
    DB Floor Press - 12.5kg x 25
    KB Swing - 16kg x 25

    60 seconds rest between. Wrecked.

  • Yesterday

    Bench 82.5kg (8x3) superset with Pull ups (8x5)

    Squat 127.5kg (8x3)

    3 Rounds of:
    DB Rows - 12.5kg x 25 e/s
    Goblet Squats - 16kg x 25

  • Bench - 85kg (8x3) superset with Pull-ups - 8x5

    130kg - 8x3

    140kg - 8x3 - Belt for last 3 sets.

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  • Late to the gym last night so ran out of time. Got most stuff done though.

    Bench - 87.5kg (8x3) superset with Pull ups - 8x6

    Squat - 133.5kg - 8x3

    Gym closed.

  • Today

    Bench - 90kg (8x3) superset with Pull-ups - (8x6)

    Squat - 135kg (8x3)

    3 rounds of:

    DB rows - 12.5kg x 25 e/s
    Goblet squats - 16kg x 25

    Hardest session in yonks.

  • Tuesday - Incredibly tight for time

    Bench - 92.5kg - 8x3 superset with Pull-ups - 8x6

    137.5kg - 5x3

    Ran out of time.



    Bench - 95kg - 8x3 superset with Pull-ups - 8x7

    140kg - 4x3 - That was as much as I could do.

    3 Rounds of:
    DB Floor Press - 12.5kg x 25
    KB Swing - 16kg x 25

  • Today

    Bench 97.5kg (8x3) superset with Pull ups (8x7)

    Squat 142.5kg (4x3)

    3 Rounds of:
    DB Rows - 15kg x 25 e/s
    Goblet Squats - 16kg x 25

    Chuffed with the bench.

  • Today

    Bench 100kg (8x3) superset with Pull ups (8x7)

    Squat 145kg (3x3)

    Deadlift 150kg (1x3)

    So the squat was a rep pr and the deadlift was shit but I don't really care. Chuffed with the bench. Less than 6 weeks ago, 100kg was my 1RM. Today I banked 24 reps in total. Delighted.

  • Yesterday at RevFit was one of the most fun sessions I've ever had I reckon! Tested all three lifts after 12 weeks working with James. Starting numbers at the start of May were:

    Squat - 130kg
    Bench - 92.5kg
    Deadlift - 160kg

    All time maxes were:

    Squat - 150kg
    Bench - 102.5kg (which I'd only ever hit once)
    Deadlift - 190kg (also only ever hit once)

    The 12 weeks were tough, sometimes gruelling, sometimes monotonous but always very steady. Tested yesterday and was delighted with results.

    Squat - 166kg
    Bench - 110kg
    Deadlift - 192.5kg

    So not only were my numbers hugely up on where I was 12 weeks ago, they also all beat my all-time top numbers. Also, if I'd only been testing one lift, rather than all three, I would have pushed further in any of them and gotten it.

    Couldn't be happier with how my training at RevFit went. Huge thanks to Hanley for the experience and help! Also thanks to COH for all the spotting throughout the prog ;).

  • Lack of internet at home is making logging difficult.


    Bench 8x3 @ 85kg superset with pull ups 8x7

    60kg 2x5
    80kg x 3
    100kg x 1
    120kg x 1
    140kg x 1
    165kg (5x3)

    DB curls 3x15 15kg superset with Dips 3x15

    Good day.

  • Joined RevFit. Got lean.


  • Tested squat and deadlift this week. 150 and 180 respectively @ 67.5kg bodyweight. Chuffed!

  • Brilliant lifting, man.

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  • Cheers pal!

  • Out of interest, was it a massive change in diet that made the difference?

  • In the weight I lost, yes, entirely. Stopped eating fast food, processed foods, junk food, bread and stopped drinking alcohol altogether. In the increase in strength, I just followed the program as closely as possible.

  • Fair play! Impressive. Some drastic changes. I'm pretty good on the eating but dunno if i'd ever be in that good shape! The few drinks probably at the weekend probably don't help...

  • Thanks! Honestly, I did it because I didn't believe that I could and I wanted to prove myself wrong. Giving up the drink sucked for the first few weeks. Now, I don't want to go back to it.

  • I'll probably do it at some stage. I'm in ok shape and I know I will drop the few beers I have but it's my only indulgence, at least. Other than sprouts...:-D Again, kudos on showing hard work pays off. Knowing it gets you there makes those sacrifices, even the little ones like putting on the gear to train after a long day at work, are worthwhile

  • Very rarely log these days. Partly because of laziness, partly because of busyness and partly because all of my training is bought and paid for and it wouldn't really be fair to be posting programs made by someone else for free to the world. Mostly gonna just post progress updates as I go now, I reckon. So....

    Recently got to a lean 67.3kg and got my first 2.5x bodyweight deadlift which had been a goal for a long time (followed minutes later by a 2.63xbw deadlift). Relaxed a bit on the diet and went back up to ~70kg but still only around 13% bf. Strength rocketed upwards on my squat from there and I'm getting close to all time PR territory, despite being over 10kg lighter than when I set my all time numbers. In the last while, have been really relaxed about eating and on Sunday just gone (17th), had gotten up to a 'bloated' 74.6kg. Back on the horse since Monday morning and weighed in this morning at 71.7kg. Having done a long cut, it's gotten much easier to actually do it. A lot of the 3kg I've lost in the last 4.5 days was probably bloat but it's still decent going and I'm feeling good. Plan is to get back to the 69-70kg range and start a clean bulk. I always say I'll do a clean bulk 'next time'. Now is the time, I reckon. Probably a couple of weeks out but that, combined with the training cycle that's coming up at RevFit should, hopefully, see me put on some actual mass for the first time.

    Watch this space!

  • Change of pace

    So recently, for a couple of reasons, I've had to leave RevFit. It's temporary but necessary. But leaves me at a little bit of a loose end. So I've decided to run the Revolution Fitness 6 Week Transformation Program that Hanley sent out for free a while back. To prepare for this, I've leaned out a bit. Was 74.6kg three weeks ago. Started today at 69.3kg. Would estimate bodyfat to be 13.5% or lower (based on last time I weighed/looked the same a couple months ago). This cycle has a lot of volume. Like, crazy amounts. Gonna couple the cycle with a clean bulk and see if I can put on some muscle while increasing strength. Have taken a before picture in the hopes I'll have a better one in six weeks time. Have also tested in the run up to this. Numbers below:

    Squat - 165kg
    Bench - 100kg
    Deadlift - 180kg

    Since this was a program that was offered for free, I will be logging to keep track of numbers etc.. First night is going to be rough as sandpaper with a huge amount of volume. Wish me luck.

  • New Dawn, New Day, New Gainz

    Started new program on Tuesday. Felt quite ill before training and figured I just shouldn't train. Then decided to train anyway, which turned out to be an awful idea. Went like this...

    Day One

    A) Squat - 115kg - 4x8

    B) Paused Squat - 85kg - 1x8

    Intense dizziness, nearly vomit, leave gym.

    Also stupid idea was taking it easy, volume-wise, in the run-up to this session. Was not ready for it at all and am still wrecked with DOMS, even though I missed half the session.

    Day Two

    A) Bench - 70kg - 4x8

    B) Incline Bench - 50kg - 5x8

    C) Close Grip Bench - 60kg - 3x8, 1x6 - Pinned on the last rep. Actually kinda surprised I got this far. Last time I close-gripped 60kg, I had trouble with 4x6 so this is a win, overall.

    3 rounds of:

    D1) Bent over rows - 50kg x 6
    D2) Lat pulldowns x 12 (had to sub the 1st and 3rd sets with pull-ups)
    D3) Reverse flys - 7kg x 25

    Good session and serious pump. Happy especially with the incline bench.

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  • Day Three

    Deadlift - 145kg - 4x5, last 3 sets belted

    Romanian Deadlift - 80kg - 5x8

    Good Mornings - 50kg - 5x10

    Leg Curls - 4x12

    Planks - 20s on 10s off x 4