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  • Does having a tracker on the mortorcycle lower insurance costs? Something like a Monimoto which seems to be very good value for money compared to other GPS trackers whuch are always 'live'

  • Not an expert but yes I'd imagine the more security you have for your bike the lower your premium will be.

    You could always go on Carol Nashe's website and get a quote and then go back and change options to see how it effects the price.

  • Made no difference for me and neither did having an alarm.

    The bike is in a concrete garage so I think it was already discounted because of this.

  • Probably should have got this sorted before I took delivery of a bike but in a rush I went out and bought a chain from Halfords, what do you think of it, should I take it back and order something better from online?

    I can store the bike out of sight under a cover and use two bicycle locks as a temporary measure while I wait on a ground anchor and different chain or will the one I bought suffice?

    Also appreciate suggestions for when I am at work the bike will be stored hopefully in an underground car park which is monitored by CCTV although the car park has no entry or exit barriers the entrance and exit aren't big enough to fit a normal size van and the bike weights something like 150 kilos wet so any would be safe would have to push it outside.

  • There is only so much you can do :-(

    A lock and chain will only deter / slow down the casual thief

    If someone is determined and organized it doesn't really matter they will have all the tools necessary to take it if they want

    I think if you can lock it to something like a fence or ground anchor than that's better but a battery powered angle grinder will make short work of any chain / lock

    So if you can possibly cover it up and install / store under a good flood light and get a camera as well there is not much else you can do :-)

    ps good luck and happy riding on your new machine :-)


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  • Thanks, I appreciate it

    As a beginner and someone who wants to do their own bike maintenance are there any essential tools that you would recommend, I get as soon as possible to make life easier?

    I'm aware the bike comes with a small tool set which might be enough in the beginning

    One thing I am thinking about buying to make life easier is a tool to measure chain slack which should make the job of tightening the chain a bit easier when it is necessary. I'll also be getting myself a tire pressure monitor.


    Got a quote from Carole Nash. It appears it doesn't matter what security you select in the bike security section. The quote you get is the same for me as a person with zero years of no claims bonus the quote, I am getting with a €500 excess is €479 per year.

    So based on my experience, don't sweat the security just get the best you can afford. I've even seen one person's suggestion to leave off security altogether. That way the insurance company can't use it against you if you need to make a claim if your bike is stolen just to note, I haven't tested what leaving off security altogether does to my premium.

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  • As far as tools go

    Items to be acquired during your time on bikes will include stuff like

    A Paddock stand

    Allen keys

    Torx keys

    Socket set

    Torque wrench

    Tub of copper paste / grease

    Acf 50 ( anti corrosion )

    Puncture repair kit the gooey / sticky string things

    I also picked up a mini 12V compressor / tyre inflator for at home

    Chain alignment tool ( not to be confused with Chain tension ) I don't have a chain tension tool I just go by Eye

    The likes of Aldi / Lidl sockets and keys will be fine

  • Look at the Monimoto - is a good piece of kit in case the bike is ever stolen

  • this is a video on bike security - its a good watch anyway 😀 just as a great video

  • Thanks links to the videos. I guess one good thing about buying a Chinese bike is I get the impression they are not very highly valued and I doubt there are too many Keeway Superlights in the country, but still it's important to have some good security.

    Just in case anyone is interested here is the included toolkit you get with the bike although there is no way to actually store it while you ride.

    To paraphrase the great book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, "the included toolkit should be enough to fix almost any problem out on the road."

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  • My apologies. Just one final question. I promise I found the tires on the bike aren't as bad as people reported. At least I haven't run into any issues with grip on the roads and yesterday I was riding on damp roads and even managed to ride through one or two small puddles and found no loss of traction.

    However, sadly the headlight is quite bad, as I inadvertently found out when I was coming home from taking a trip to get used to the bike my apologies to any motorists in Mayo that I inconvenienced unnecessarily yesterday by riding so slowly.

    The current bulb is a 35 w halogen that uses a BA20D fitting. Is there a good drop-in replacement that will give me more brightness?

    In the future I probably will consider simply replacing the current headlight assembly with a full LED unit.

  • Well done!! Have a carlsberg tonight.

    like the test, it’s worth waiting for

  • Most chains will be cut through by a determined thief unless its something fairly ridiculous like an Almax and even they CAN be cut, although it'd take some doing.

    But if you can buy a new bike, you can spring for a decent chain and good gear. New bike is no good if it's missing, or if you're in ribbons from coming off in crap gear.

  • What are bikes like for mileage? I'm looking at getting a Hornet for my first bike that has 70k kms. For a car this would be nothing but I'm seeing most other bikes advertised have way less mileage than this.

  • No big deal provided it's been looked after, regular oil and filter changes etc.

    Rear shock is likely to be way past its best at that stage though and usually that's a replacement not a rebuild. After that it's the usual stuff, check chassis bearings, brakes, tyres, chain and sprockets etc. but all of these can or will need replacing at lower mileages too

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Thanks for that.

    I've been looking into private sellers as well and messaged a guy about another bike, undercutting his asking price by a bit. He responded by offering it for even lower. I'm a bit suspicious, how do I make sure it isn't a scam?

  • You have to haggle 😀

    He's either an eejit, desperate, or a scammer, I'm not sure there's a good outcome for you either way really.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Hey Robbie

    Is there a model number on the JVC headphones

    Tried Mr price and yer man looked at me like I had 2 heads ( what do you mean no mic :-( )

    Or if you still have them I could buy them from you



  • Hey Flash,

    No model Number on them as I don't have the packaging anymore,

    You can have mine for free no problem as I only used them for the test,

    Whereabouts are you?


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  • I brought a pair without a mic that didn't work on the day, ended up with a non conducted test then the next time I brought a pair of AKC with mic because the tester from the first time said with mic were perfectly fine. They worked a treat and I passed.

  • Says on the RSA site that they have to be without a mic

    Would be just my luck I would get there and they would quote the site and back to square 1 :-)

  • The problem with the mics is that there's 2 standards with what would have been the large ground contact split in 2 with an extra divide between them so the ground contact on the port could be aligned with the mic contact or even with the spacer between them .

    The ones that came with old android or nokia probably won't work, if you've a old iphone one or a new one they might.

    Those splitters people use for laptops to split headsets into a separate mic and sound cables could also be used, there's also adapters that turn the miced version 4 pole jack into a 3 pole standard one.

    I checked mine with instructor radio and then brought a few anyway on the day.

  • I'm in Wicklow Town

    But if the weather is not muck I would usually be out n about for a spin over the weekend If your out n about maybe I could meet up with you somewhere and pick them up and buy you a coffee:-)



  • Hi Guys - I already have a car (pink) license. I recently passed my Motorcycle driving theory test and then got the appointment to apply for the new license (add a category as a Learner on the motorcycle). I have now recieved my new license which is just a Motorcycvle (Green) Learner license - is that how its done? I now need to carry both the Licenses on me - I somehow thought that they (NDLS) will just add a category to my existimg license.


  • Did you do your IBT? Can't get your learners permit without it.

  • I think that you first need the Learners permit to be able to do IBT and then when you have both the license and the IBT then you can drive on the road - with just the learners permit cant drive on the road.

    I havent done my IBT yet, shedueld it for end Jan as a lot of people told me that its taking a couple of weeks to get the license oprocessed by NDLS (fortunateky I got mine in less than a week)

  • Provisional licence / learner permit has always been a separate document from a full licence.

    Once you pass your bike test you will get the bike category(ies) added to your full licence and you'll be back to one licence again

    (well, not always - if you have A, A2, A1 and AM on your LP and pass on an A2 bike, you will get A2, A1, AM and B on your full licence, and keep A on your LP)

    Used to be a pain carrying around one never mind two of the old paper licences, which is why most people didn't. With credit card licences it's not a problem.

    Bring back the :pac: !

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  • The RSA has a new website. Can't help but think some lad/girl had a few toys for Christmas got bored of them so stuck an app together in 15 minutes and sold it to the public service!

    The old website was much better!