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Name the Mamenchisaurus

  • 04-06-2011 12:07pm
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    Meet Mamenchisaurus, an 18-year-old vegetarian known for her 30-foot-long neck and for being one of the world's largest dinosaurs. She recently arrived at the American Museum of Natural History, and thousands of people have come to see her. Like a lot of 18-year-olds, she also happens to love tweeting. But her full name, Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis, is too long to tweet. So let's give her a nickname!

    Hundreds of suggestions have been submitted and here are the finalists. Now it's up to you! Vote for your favorite name for Mamenchisaurus below by Sunday, June 5. Her new name will be announced on Tuesday, June 7!

    Need to get to know Mamenchisaurus better before you vote? Follow her daily updates @Giant_Dino on Twitter.