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Paintballing after surgery

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    Hey guys, first post in this forum :)

    My school's doing a paintballing outing on Friday week (the 20th) and I'm thinking of going. Last Monday I had surgery to remove my appendix. It was keyhole surgery so it wasn't too intrusive and I have 3 very small scars on my lower abdomen, all of which are healing quickly.

    I'm still recovering at home the moment but I can get up and walk around with only barely noticeable pain. At this rate I should be back in school before the end of this week and make a full recovery by next week, but is it safe for me to go on the paintballing trip?

    I know paintballing is very physical and I can imagine taking a few shots in the gut wouldn't be the nicest experience, what sort of padding/protection is provided?

    Thanks in advance :)


  • Depends where your going, some sites offer body armour protection. Its prob not the best idea, if you have any stiches or staples in i would make sure they are either out or gone before. Or just dont be jumping around into things like rambo.

  • Had the same surgery (keyhole also) on April 1st. Didn't use painkillers or anything after the surgery.

    When leaving the hospital, was told it would take 6 - 8 weeks to recover fully. Did some manual work 2 wks later and I did feel it.
    Remember, you will be running around, bending, crawling etc, you may want to give the paintballing a miss - you dont want to end up with a hernia.

  • Thanks for the advice guys, it probably would be better to stay out of the line of fire for a while!

    I'm saving myself 40-odd euro by not going, so there's a bright side :)