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Request Contact / Quotes from Accountants



  • We are an accountancy firm, looking after mostly non-national clients, who have their businesses in Ireland. We provide many services but what we don’t do is audit.
    Two of our clients lost their audit exemption with the Companies Registration Office, we look now for an auditing firm, to assist us with the B1 returns.
    We are in accountancy business for many years and I’m an ACCA qualified accountant, so we can provide all the necessary reporting and any reconciliation required, that can be relied upon.
    I’d appreciate if you provided an estimated outline of your fees.

    Private message me for mobile number and email to chat further.


  • Looking for an accountant etc to do 5 years of tax return for two people 2015 /2019. in terms of numbers of tranactions its a simple job as rather few data to look at low income, self employed. of course its a bit messy to recover 5 years.

    Looking for somebody reasonable and experience in this kind of cases, with the understanding that cost needs to be low cost per year, but you get 10 returns in almost 1 go, so in this way it should work out for you this way.

    To put it mildly you are going to deal with two people that do not have an accountant brain ...

    location is dublin close to centre but anywhere in the dublin area would be fine , or zoom would also be ok .

  • I'm a HR consultant looking for an accountant to do CRO returns and Corporation Tax only. I complete the VAT and payroll returns myself. Can be based anywhere in the country.