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Gaming pads - Worth the cost?


  • Gaming Pad:
    I don't really see how this would be usefull. It's basicly extra function keys, easily reachable for speed. This is designed for gaming where the extr split second counts, I don't see it beign a huge advantage in drafting where commands do not in nearly as quick sucession. THe standard shortcuts in AutoCad can be customised. Just edit the acad.pgp file (tools>customise>edit program parameters). you really don't need macros for commands in Autocad, each is stand-alone. You also have the F2-F12 keys. Pretty sure these can be edited, they can in microstation anyway.

    3D mouse:
    Looks like a bit of a gimmick. You can zome, pan, rotate easily enough with a standard mouse and scroll wheel. This is obviously slihtly faster as it allows two at once, but is that really going to save much time. It might be hand for presentations, but I'd rather a mouse for drafting. Esp when you need to switch between typing in other programs and drafting