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Rock & Metal Gigs

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    By popular demand, here is a thread dedicated to Rock & Metal gigs happening around Ireland. This thread is only to be used for smaller gigs. There isn't much point putting up a listing for the next visit of Metallica to Ireland for example. For less well-known bands it would be great if you could provide MySpace or YouTube links to their material so people can get an idea what they sound like if they are unfamiliar with them. Some guidelines:

    Please use this thread instead of individual thread listings per gig.
    Please don't add a new thread in this forum or a new post to this thread if something changes regarding a gig you've advertised, drop me a PM and I'll change the listing for you.
    Please don't discuss any gigs in this thread, it is for listings only.
    Please use the following template when putting up a gig listing to keep things tidy (just copy and paste the text in the box):

    [PHP]Band Name:
    Date and Time:[/PHP]

    Obviously feel free to add more information like admission price or if it's an underage gig or whatever.



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