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The Spurs Photo/Video Thread

  • 25-10-2010 12:34pm
    Hosted Moderators Posts: 5,395 Hatch99

    Lads, as per request, and I think it's a great idea, I have set up this thread for our very own Spurs Videos and Photos.

    A couple of things..
    1- It must be Spurs related.
    2- It must be current, as in this season forward..
    3- No chat, other than a 'Thanks'..
    4 - 1 pic/video per post.

    It would be nice too to see some pics etc from ourselves that have been taken at home/away games. I remember some of you put up a couple when we played at Wembley over the last few years.

    OK, that's it really, go for it, the rest is down to you guys.....