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Chemistry/Biomaterials MPhil/PhD

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    Hi All,
    This isn't an advertisement (as per the rules) in the true sense of the word, more of a pitch to anyone with an interest in pursuing a postgrad in Chemistry/Biomaterials (also posted in Physics/Chemistry in case any moderators want to remove the thread).
    I'm a regular Boards user under an alias, but I'm using real details here.
    I'm based in an ISO accredited industrial research centre in DIT Kevin St.( and I'm looking for two BSc/MSc graduates to start a Chemistry/Biomaterials MPhil/PhD in the next couple of months. These positions have been advertised nationally and internationally (heanet, euraxess , topresearchjobs) and I have several suitable applications but for the first time I've had no local applications (yet).
    My area of research involves protective coatings, for hygiene and corrosion purposes (list of recent papers can be found here: My first two PhD students (Chemistry) graduated earlier this year, my next (Chemistry/Biology) will finish in 2011 and another (Chemistry/Physics) in 2012 (hence I'm keen to keep postgrad numbers up). To date we've either patented or licensed our technology first before publishing due to our funding requirements.
    The benefits for the students have been royalties/IP and Post Doc employment (one product is currently on the Irish market and due to start exporting next year).

    The successful candidates will be working on Enterprise Ireland and FP7 funded projects (details here:
    The closing date is Oct 8th (Friday).

    Thanks for reading this far!



  • I'll send it around in work tomorrow, see if any of the students here are interested.

  • Cheers Gaspode,
    I've receiving applications from EU and far east, but I don't know if many people are checking

    I did have a fourth year project student working in the area this year, but I got them a job working for an Irish SME on Tech Transfer of our technology to their production lines.
    Other likely candidates ended up doing the Oz thing when they had the chance.

  • bduffy wrote: »
    I've receiving applications from EU and far east, but I don't know if many people are checking

    To my knowledge very few people look at Adverts e-mailed to the heads of 4th year students (maybe to late to get last years students) and get an advert put up on, as far as I know, thats where most people would look. If your really interested, PM me a copy of the advert and I'll throw a copy up in UCD and IT tallaght relevant departments (if it's not too late for applications)

    hope this helps

  • most of the notifications I get are sent around by my department in NUIG. You could send your request to someone in NUIG biochem/micro dept or maybe even the careers office and ask them to send it on to the relevant students.