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Leaving Cert History - The Research Study/Topic (2011)

  • 05-10-2010 7:15pm
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    I'm trying to get started with my research study for History and I'm struggling with the topic so far. I changed by mind from researching a local man who was shot by the Black And Tans because I found it very boring and hard to find good sources on.

    I have an idea for my topic but I'm not sure if it's a good choice. The person in question is dealt with in the book (and is a very important figure in Irish history), but my plan is to study the impact they had on an organization. I have found a couple of books to use as sources (which deal specifically with this person), and a couple of websites. I would prefer if possible to use one documentary or film as a source, does anyone know of any site where you can watch documentaries on Irish history? The film in question was televised (probably on RTÉ or maybe TG4) a few years ago, I don't know much else about it or even how relevant it is.

    All discussion and advice relevant to any aspect of the research study is welcome.

    Mise le meas,



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    Good luck with it! My teacher made us do it last year and made it 15 percent of our Summer tests. She went over each one individually with everyone in the class, so I just have to re write it and change a couple of small things and done!