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New York/US Radio Stations

  • 09-09-2010 10:36am
    Registered Users Posts: 222 ✭✭ brian1991

    Hi, I hope this is the right board but I recently got a tangent quattro wifi radio, so that I can get thousands of radio stations from all over the world.
    I've been using it mainly to help me learn languages, but I want to listen to American radio too, particularly New York radio. I have been listening to NY1 and CNN TV audio, but I want to listen to radio stations like 2fm and Today FM. A lot of US radio stations have names like KJIL and WPNQ, so it takes hours to go through them.
    So if you listen(ed) to American radio, what are/were your favourite stations?



  • I know you're looking for personal rec's but just in case you haven't seen it,

    also, a lot of radios let you search by location and genre so you could try that, I guess you'd be looking for the "Top 40" genre.

    Incidentally, In the United States, the first letter generally is K for stations west of the Mississippi River and W for those east of the Mississippi

  • First you need to know about the really crap reactionary (Russ Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity) stations which in a lot of cases should be called Fox Radio and then there's National Public Radio (NPR) which is the nearest the people over there get to BBC type public service broadcasting but of course being the US they rely on donations to survive...

    Three of the former (for people who own more guns than books) include these...


    WHAM doesn't work from some radios, I can get it on my Revo iBlik but not on the 'Tunein' radio app on my iTouch

    and these two are NPR (public radio) so effectively the other end of the intellectual spectrum....


  • Thank guys. I'm listening to WNYC right now; they're talking about the new One World Trade Center:


  • any other recommendations for any part of the world? I've got one of these bad boys recently, and really enjoying just browsing for the moment.

  • any other recommendations for any part of the world? I've got one of these bad boys recently, and really enjoying just browsing for the moment.

    first thing I'd suggest is to use the website to configure your favourites - you can discover and store tons of stations on that site.

    here's some

    Drama stations:

    BBC Radio 4
    BBC Radio 7
    Conyers Old Time
    WNAR 1620 AM
    Old-Time Radio 1710 AM
    CyberFM Rewind Old Time Radio

    News / Talk

    BBC Radio 4
    BBC Radio 5Live
    FOX News Radio
    WABC 77 New York NY
    ABC News Radio Canberra Australia
    BBC World Service
    RTE Radio 1
    CNN Radio
    RTE Radio 1 Extra

    Comedy (these are very hit and miss)
    977 Comedy
    FFN Comedy
    No Holds Barred Radio

    and of course, the legendary...Birdsong Radio

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  • I've some of what tbh posted, mostly BBC and NPR. I must try WNYC again. I've a lot of things in my favourites, find it easier to create folders/categories, but don't listen to the less well known ones all that often. The podcast feature is handy, it's a shame you can't pause on the Roberts 202.

    WBUR - Boston
    KNAU - Arizona
    KCRW - used to listen to this a fair bit, stopped as I'm not big on music on radio.
    Progressive Radio Network

    Radio plays/dramas from:

    Alltime Oldies Radio Theater
    The 1920s Radio Network
    MPIR Old Time Radio
    Audio Noir
    Mystery Play Internet Radio

    Jazz, there's loads of stations.
    Jazz FM from Canada is probably a bit of a guilty pleasure.

  • Okay, I've been listening to WNYC and it's great. It's got great variety and I've added it to my presets. But I'd like more music stations like 2fm, Today FM, 98fm and 96fm. Thanks.

  • Newstalk 620WTMJ from Milwaukee is my favourite, but I can't get the bitch on my Roberts 202 for tech reasons.

  • DC101 for me... it's Washington DC's rock station.

    Although, the only way I've found to listen to it though, is via the iheart radio iPhone app - which you need to have a US iTunes store account to download (they have one for Blackberry and Android also). Their stream on the web is blocked for IP's outside the US... I didn't let the app use my location (not sure if that made a difference), and it worked fine.

  • @ OP


    you can call me papi.... :P

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