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Reeling in the Ears "The Irish Voice"

  • 04-09-2010 1:00pm
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    A possibly undiscovered radio gem from Mr Balfe.
    Listening to it now, it sets the tone on radios view of popular history in much the same way Reeling in the Years does so well on TV.
    The highs the lows the funny and sad.

    Pity its doesnt appear to be available on podcast (correct me if you find otherwise), but you can listen back.

    As another boardie noted the Titanic clips puts the hairs on the back of my neck standing in much the way the film didn't.

    Whether you were there or not it's a worthy trip down memory's lane:)

    A few snippets for example on todays from the 80's -
    naked U2, the Stardust, LiveAid, Herema, Dawn Run, hilarious GAA, Century radio, and a classic report from Newry vs a mynah bird:D