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Show us yer tank! (DO NOT QUOTE PHOTOS)



  • Needs a bit of a clean.

  • 1 gold fish

    3 danio zebra

    cold water setup

  • You're going to have to re-home that Goldie Eircom Sucks, the tank is way too small for him and he'll poison the danios pretty fast (Goldfish are very dirty fish, excrete lots of ammonia). They're pond fish, or if you *really* want to put them in Aquariums, fish for tanks of 300l plus (about ten times the size of what you have him in there).

    I like your aquascaping though :)

  • Moved from an Interpet River Reef 94 litre to this Juwel Vision 180 litre about a week ago.
    Just got a few live plants today along with some Easy-Life Profito fertilizer, also have a home made CO2 yeast & sugar job going on.

    At the moment I just have the original fish from my old tank in there but I'm going to slowly add more to the community over time.

    2 bronze corydoras
    1 (1 eyed) leopard danio
    3 Danio kyathit
    few small snails


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  • Look what I spied! I had no idea there was still an assassin in there!


  • 24086781215_7a35cb0e64_c.jpgDSCN1535 by pat, on Flickr

  • Santa landed with a 48ltr tank for the kids so thought it only right I set it up and stock it. First tropical tank and first attempt at acuascaping. Been cycling for 3days using the interpet filter start. Was up in Dublin today so dropped into Seahorse aquariums (Wow the marine aquariums this may be the start of an addiction) to get some plants and rock and get my well water tested so I could get some advice on fish.

    Water as I knew is pretty hard he mentioned a figure of 20 and a ph of 8.2 which is more of a problem I think. He suggested harvesting rainwater and using carbon filter to treat it before adding. So I've gone with his suggestion and bought another filter and activated carbon to treat the rainwater. I guess it's going to be a balancing act between the amount of well and rain water I use. I added about 10ltrs of rainwater this evening. Should be able to get it tested again Saturday.

    Know it's a small tank so can't get a huge amount of fish and the adult side needs to be small. Was thinking along the lines of 5 Neon/cardinal tetra 3/4 panda corys and 2 dwarf blue Gouramis. And maybe a couple of cherry shrimp. What ph I can get the tank down to though may affect this. So much info to take on board :eek: doing some reading suggesting not to mix softer water that you mess with the buffering ability!

    Anything you'd change in layout of the tank? Thinking another plant maybe some long grass for behind the mopani root.


  • is worth a look for stocking levels, you seem to be heading a little high imo.

  • David and Goliath


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  • That's a beautiful looking setup Mech1!

    Clearseal tank? About 300l? Would love to upgrade to something like that in the future!

  • Excuse the poor picture quality, this is my tank these days.






  • Its come on a bit since my last post up the page.

    36167767524_6729a28d3b_b.jpgDSC_1331 by pat, on Flickr

  • At the beginning of the year I started fish keeping with this 56 litre tank. It contains a couple of mollies and a school of 6 little clown loaches.


    That quickly escalated and I added this 450 litre Juwel bow front. At present it houses 3 heros efasciatus, 7 yellow labs of varying degrees of purity or hybrid, 2 rustles, 2 dogtooth cichlids, a jewel cichlid, a demasoni, a blood parrot, a synodontis catfish and a foot-long black shark catfish.


    The black shark sounds exciting, but is the most boring fish in the tank. It hides in a cave all day and only comes out after the lights are off.

  • 2 years since my first post and attempt. Ended up with 2 guppies and 7 neon tetras. Went well enough for 6/7 months. First plants didn't last and but fish were ok till I lost a guppy then two tetras over a few weeks. Few big water changes and it settled down again. Few month later I impulsively picked another guppy in a local pet chain store. Learned to never do that again. He was dead in days. Then my first guppy and then the tetras started rapidly dropping. Was down to 3 tetras and started to realise the internal filter that came with the aquarium was crap. Replaced the filter with a JBL 901 external and medicated the tank.

    Didn't look back after that one tetra didn't make it but after month I was able to start to increasing my stock. Lost one panda cory in first 24hrs overnight but have lost nobody else since. Learned a lot from my mistakes and am lot more knowledgeable now I hope. Got the oversized filter with the long term view to getting a bigger tank. Took a bit longer than planned but took while to decide and get everything

    Think this one is a little better! Tank is custom opti white from Seahorse.
    Very lightly stocked at minute just got a couple more panda corys to fill out the school, few amano shrimp and assassin snails if there's anymore uninvited hitchhikers from the external filter. I'll give it a few weeks and I'll start moving livestock from the old aquarium. Panda Corys and Siamese AE first then the tetras and the Rainbow gourami.

    Not quite finished product yet most of the plants are in invitro so looking a little sorry for themselves. Should fill out a good bit in a few weeks but I thinks I still need a few more plants. Few more dwarf/nano annubias between the rocks and I think the piece of wood still needs something. It will look a better when the weeping moss fills out.




  • Got my tank redone before Christmas, sprayed the cabinet and full clean up.


  • Thought I'd share some pics of my non-traditional Malawai setup.



    It's a Vision 260 painted grey using laminate paint.



  • @Alkers
    Is that a cat box on top of your tank...oh man.

  • m8 wrote: »
    Is that a cat box on top of your tank...oh man.

    Ha, it is yeah - the cat loves it because of the heat, particularly when the lights are on...