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    I booked an apartment in Florence since the ownership change. Incomplete details neglected to mention the compulsory extras (including sheets!!!!!) that are listed on

    That would usually not be a problem but the Apartment folks played hard ball so i had to walk away.

    its a mess, if you have a problem you are screwed

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    1800Hotels .... the rebirth?

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    Anyone else get a letter this morning? Got a letter but just cant understand anything it says.

  • Registered Users Posts: 308 ✭✭ ash_18x

    We still havent heard anything about our claim. Ours was over €1600.....
    Will we ever hear anything or is it still being dealt with?

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    Bringing up the past here, but did anyone ever hear anything back on this or get refunded? I already know the answer, but that is €800 I could certainly do with now...

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