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Mexican cooking classes

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    For anyone who is interested in mexican cooking there is a Cafe up beside Christchurch that is offering free cooking classes. Hugo, the owner of the restaurant gives the lessons. He is a really nice guy who has an obvious love for mexican cooking. During the lessons he closes the restauant so you have the whole place to yourself. In the first lesson he shows the basics
    • making fresh salsa and guacamole
    • creating Masa dough which is then used to make fresh tortillas, sopes and deep fried quesadillas (with fillings like chicken and cheese)

    The cooking is nothing very complicated but you get to do it all hands-on yourself. You then get to eat the proceeds of your work and if you want you can wash it down with a nice cold corona. He doesnt charge for the lessons but there is a charge of €15 to cover the cost of the ingredients which is fair enough considering he is giving over 2 hours of his time.

    In the second lessons he shows you how to make mole sauce, with refried beans and mexican rice. There is also a third lesson that shows you how to make tamales. I am in no way affilated with the restaurant but I just thought I'd let people know as I really enjoyed the 2 classes that I went on and the guy should be supported for giving over his time so freely.


  • I've been to the first/beginners class here as well and it really is fab and a great way to pass an evening. The food is simple but I've made salsa the way Hugo showed me at least once a week since the class (and that was back in March or something like that) As well as the hands on part of the lesson we spent some time learning about different aspects of Mexican cuisine, was fascinating! Can't wait to go back for another lesson or to eat some Posole

  • I REALLY want to do this, need to get some people to come with me.

  • olaola wrote: »
    I REALLY want to do this, need to get some people to come with me.
    I would love to do it aswell but am busy over the next few Weds. Know a few friends who I am sure would be happy to do it too.

  • Looks great, might try do this in July!

  • Hugo is a legend.

    Went there with some friends for the lesson and had a blast. Must make it back the 2nd lesson.

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  • wow this sounds great, and it is every wednesday? How does it work, does he repeat the same 2 or 3 lessons every couple of weeks?

  • We did it on a Monday. Just mail him and he will send you some available dates. There was only 3 of us there the night we did it.

  • hi all, we did this yesterday with Hugo in Azteca, had an amazing time, best cooking class ever. The passion this guy has for real Mexican food is unreal :D it was our first time there so we got an introduction to Mexican food and we prepared and cooked the basics, then Hugo sat and ate with us when we had finished.

    I must say this type of thing is pretty rare in Dublin, to have someone like Hugo give his time and patience for a couple of hours to complete beginners.

    If your reading this Hugo, Un millón de gracias

    Danielle & Ronan

  • Ah rats, my work hours have changed so I can't do this. Are they ongoing, do you know? I'd love to do it in September.

  • yes they are ongoing, we did it on a sat morning, give him a call:D

    wont meet a nicer chap


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  • Can't speak highly enough about Hugo. Was there myself for the 2nd class last night with a work colleague and my girlfriend. Learning about molé sauce. I think i am going to get this as a social event in my job which Hugo said there would be no problem with, probably/maybe up to 40 people.
    It's a lot of fun, and sitting down to eat with your fellow cooks, and with Hugo to have a natter afterwards is great.
    I had never tasted Mexican food like i had done in Hugo's Cafe Azteca previously. To see it done so simply, and being able to recreate easily too makes it feel very rewarding. I will be back again for my 3rd class very soon.
    Again as a poster pointed out, i'm in no way related or affiliated with Hugo or his restaurant.
    Good on you Hugo, keep up the good work of spreading the word of Mexican food!

  • Couldn't agree more. This man is a true food hero.

    The classes are only 15 yoyos and you eat what you cook so he's hardly making a lot out of it.

    His attitude is, if he can get people talking and interested in Mexican cuisine then, ultimately, it can only be good for business.

    Hugo also seems to love teaching and talking food. Like all true food heroes he believes that fresh locally sourced ingredients are the key. (except for the ingredients you can only get in Mexico, which his ma ships to him, bless).

    More power to him.

  • I've finally found time to register here to say thank you all so much for the very kind words. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you, and look forward to meeting again. So glad you all enjoyed coming to Azteca, and thanks for letting other people know about us! Hasta pronto, Hugo.