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Sara Brooker

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 Labradoodles

    Is this board still alive? Is it worth posting this when I could be on WoW? Probably not.

    Sara Brooker, often known as Catgirl or 'AGH! IT'S THAT CRAZY SADISTIC PERVERT WOMAN!', either one's fine. Not much else to remind people of, if you haven't got it by now, you probably will only know me through terrified campfire tales. :D

    Sess 1 2006 - Writing for Life
    Sess 1 2007 - 1 week of Astronomy
    Sess 2 2008 - Novel Writing
    Sess 2 2009 (Nevermore) - Gothic Studies
    Sess 2 2010 (Ghosting) - Comp Apps, I think?

    As a footnote, in 2010, I will no longer be the perverted manhater. Just the catgirl. I'm not allowed perv anymore, the bf wouldn't like it.