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Road Trip down the west coast - Any tips?

  • 18-05-2010 6:10pm
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    Hi All,

    Myself and a few mates are planning a road trip down the west coast - we're planning on starting on the last weekend in June and going for a week. Hopefully we are going to kick things off at the Sea Sessions in Bundoran but not sure exactly where to go from there... We were thinking about hitting Sligo / Strand Hill, then onto Achill, then Westport, Galway and maybe somewhere else... Would anyone know what these places would be like possibly mid week? also where would you recommend to go in these general areas - sites, activities to do, pubs etc... Also any other suggestions on where else might be good to go to?



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    Strandhill has seaweed baths, worth checking.
    As for Achill

    Galway is the only place that will be happening midweek, although if it's warm all those places will be good.

    I travelled that road lots and this is the best route imo

    Just before Clifden (have the chowder) go to Connemara Nat. Park. Walk up Diamond Hill.