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For Sale: CYMA AK47 (CM.022) Never skirmished €25 Virtually new

  • 14-04-2010 11:35am
    Registered Users Posts: 7 ✭✭✭ JBL copys

    Paid €150 for this in a shop. Never really used it because I got a classic army Steyr aug which is way better. It's just being collecting dust so some lucky person can get it for €25.

    I can ship within Ireland for €10 extra and will accept payment by Paypal for an extra €2

    here's a link to my profile on

    You'll see that I have good feedback.

    I'm based in Galway.


  • Not trying to be rude but you couldn't have paid 150 for that. The CM.022 is entirely plastic construction, internals and externals. I bought one last year for 29.99 brand new.

  • I'm very interested but is it wood or plastic?

    Interest withdrawn looking for a metal and wood ak

  • Really. I guess I got ripped off! I bought it in a head shop for €150 a couple of years ago before I knew anything about airsoft. I 'll let it go for €25 so.

  • offer 25 posted

  • offer accepted.

    I'll PM you my number.

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