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FedEx sponsored amphibian

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    Ad that to the list of prehistoric creatures with tacky names...
    What is quite interesting is that this creature is a fairly accomplished terrestrial walker for it's time period, meaning the emergence of land based amhibions must have occured earlier than once thought.
    An interesting "rock" initially tossed aside at a FedEx site near Pittsburgh International Airport turns out to be the skull of a meat-eating, early terrestrial amphibian that lived 70 million years before the first dinosaurs emerged, according to a paper released Monday in the Annals of Carnegie Museum.

    The approximately 300-million-year-old carnivorous amphibian has been named Fedexia striegeli. The genus name refers to the well-known shipping service, while the species name recognizes Adam Striegel, who spotted the animal's well-preserved, 5-inch-long (12.5-centimeter-long) fossil skull while he was a University of Pittsburgh student on a field trip.

    Image by Mark A. Klingler

    Full article here.