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    Welcome to the Martial Arts Forum!

    Please feel free to ask any question you want (about ma of course) or contribute to any topic you’d like.

    If you are looking for a club in your area please see the clubs thread here

    While you have every right to privacy and to post under a pseudonym, you’ll receive a warmer welcome from our experienced posters if you provide some information on your MA background.

    Obviously all the regular forum rules apply: Personal attacks will not be tolerated, ridiculous posts can be censored or deleted. Also, please write in regular English (or Irish for the speakers among us). plz dnt rite in txt frm (please don't write in text form)!

    As regards a charter:
    1. Derogatory or libelous posts will be deleted. Warnings/temporary/permanent bans will be issued depending on severity and repeat offences.
    1B. Creating an account to simply advertise your club whether it be genuine or not, will result in your thread being deleted and you treated as a spammer - Banned for either a number of weeks or permanently. Boards.ie is not a directory. It is known however that members who contribute to the forum in a constructive manner may advertise their events and their clubs if such a martial art is being sought by a poster.
    2. The mods are human, and do things outside of boards.ie. Do not start a thread asking a mod to explain their decision. Posting is a privelage, not a right.
    3. Do not post anything illegal. If in doubt, please consult the site admin/forum mod/legal boards. This should be a no brainer.
    4. If the thread wanders off topic, accept it. Conversations are organic, and will change. Obviously completely OT posts will be removed.
    5.This charter is subject to change and in no way is all inclusive. Be advised that the mods will make their best judgement as regards what stays and what goes.
    6. Questioning a moderators decision will only be dealt with through PRIVATE MAILS as they cause disruption to the thread/forum - questioning a moderators decision openly (in a post or by creating a thread) will get you warned/infracted or banned for a period of time.
    7. No fighter bashing (either pro org or local level - it's not cool and shows a small mind).
    7. .Regarding Martial Arts Inc, until further notice, any discussion of this club will have a user banned.
    No warning or infractions.

    8. Please do not resurrect zombie threads.

    In relation to the posts involving discussions about the importation and the use of offensive weapons, as in knives (artistic, throwing or otherwise) posters need to be aware of the laws involving the use and transportation of offensive weapons. These laws can be viewed here -> http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/1990/en/act/pub/0012/print.html#sec9


    You may come across some acronyms that may confuse you, so to help you out here they are explained:

    MA = Martial Arts
    MMA = Mixed Martial Arts
    TKD = Taekwon-Do
    MT = Muay Thai
    BJJ = Brazilian Jiujitsu
    JKD = Jeet Kune Do
    HMD = Han Moo Do
    KSW = Kuk Sool Won
    HKD = Hapkido
    JJ = Jiujitsu
    KM = Krav Maga
    TMA = Traditional Martial Arts
    KB = Kickboxing

    From all of us here on the SD forum, welcome and we hope you enjoy your time here. If you’ve any questions feel free to PM any of us.

    The mod team :)


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    Ignorance (of this forum's charter) is no defence -ok!.

    We (the Mods) promote a light touch style of moderating to this forum, for a number of reasons - first and foremost among them is that we want everyone to feel welcome and not be intimidated by severe moderating.

    But high up there is the fact as Martial Artists we're expected to behave with the utmost respect. We respect ourselves, visitors, our clubs/dojo's and this forum.

    As I said, ignorance of the forums charter is no defence and we promote light touch moderating - however don't read that as the moderators being soft on transgressors!.


    Bannings here are rare, very rare.. But when they're issued they are usually severe and much longer than any other forum on boards.ie

    So please behave in this forum as people expect us Martial Artists to behave - with respect and discipline and we'll get along fine.

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