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Spots on chin .... Hormonal ??

  • 27-12-2009 8:28pm
    Registered Users Posts: 297 ✭✭ applesock

    Ive been reading through different threads about this. Im after having the worse breakout ive had in a while ( hoping this will be gone before the new year !! ). But moving forward i need to sort this problem out once and for all. I have spots that are only on my chin, the rest of my face always clear except for this area. Im off the pill diantte since september and do not want to go back on it. Im taking zinc , angus cactus, and starflower oil vitamins all in the hope of clearing my skin. I also use a clean & clear deep action face wash and a tea tree oil cleanser.
    Please can anyone give me advice on what i cant do to get rid of it. Its obviously knocking my confidence&getting abit down about it. Any sugguestions regarding diet & natural way to heal / control. I dont really want to take any diet is not to bad, rarely have take aways etc.
    Thanks in advance


  • Thread on acne and face products here :)

  • Just locking this because the OP has asked the question in the general acne advice thread, it'd be handier to have all the responses confined to one place.

    Totes not a Nazi mod I swear.

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