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Cheap shopping in Derry?

  • 06-11-2009 5:47pm
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    Hi All
    is derry good for shopping compared to dublin?is it cheper?:)


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    I find 'most' things to be cheaper in the North, electronics, groceries, clothes etc. The exchange rate is pretty good from your point of view just now so you get more bang for your buck so to speak.

    The selection of shops is slightly better in Belfast but there's plenty to see and buy in Derry. You'll undoubtedly save money :) Even factoring in the cost of the trip...unless you'd be coming from Dublin to buy a chocolate bar or something!

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    cool cant wait now big shopping spree!!

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    Where will you be travelling from?

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    im from meath/dublin so things are quite dear here!

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    The crowds can be big but nothing compared to Newry for example. Depending on the road you take you may be passing through Omagh and Strabane so you could get an additional bit of shopping done there.

    To get back to your question you will find, as stated above, that most things are cheaper in NI. compared to Dublin. All depends on what you are looking for and how much you intend to spend as you have to factor in the traveling costs and time.

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