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Irish football manager photo's

  • 05-10-2009 8:53pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 tkeane79


    I am writing a book about Irish soccer. The book is called "An Englishman, An Irishman and an Italian" and its focus is on the last 50 years of Irish coaches and managers. The book is being published by Mercier press and will be released in 2010. A percentage of the royalties received from the sales of the book are going to Kidney research, so hopefully good read and good cause.

    I was wondering if any people on here had any stories/experiences of Irish managers that they wanted to share in the book, likewise any photo's of managers would be appreciated also.

    I can't pay for them but I would acknowledge ownership (and obviously return any photo's provided).

    If you are interested or just have some questions you want to ask then please contact me

    Details are: [email protected]

    Thanks a bunch