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Course Books Wanted / For Sale



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    Second Year Business Books For Sale :)

    Essentials of Operations Management - Nigel Slack €40
    Human Resource Management A Concise Introduction - Christine Cross and Ronan Carbery €35

    If anyone is selling any third year business books give me a shout too :pac:

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    History and Geography

    2nd Year History
    The Two Kingdoms (Nicholls)€15
    The Double Crown (Smith) €15
    2nd Year
    Yugoslavia: When Ideals Collide (Ann Lane) €10
    Romantic Revolution €5
    Early Modern Europe (wesiner Hanks) - €15

    Geography 2nd Year
    Social Geograpghy (Del Casino) €10
    Cultural Geography (Anderson) €10

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    sorry pm me for detaisl

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    1st, 2nd & 3rd Year

    An Caighdeán Oifigiúil - €5
    Cruinnscríobh na Gaeilge - €8
    Gramadach Gan Stró - €8
    QuickGuide: Irish Grammar - €2
    [All - €20]

    Gafa - €5
    Hurlamaboc - €
    Anois Tacht an Eala - €8
    [All - €15]

    Keating’s History of Ireland - €5
    Toraíocht Dhiarmada & Ghráinne - €5

    Pádraic Ó Conaire: Rogha Scéalta - €7
    Irish Place Names - €7
    An Sochtheaneolaíocht: Feidhm & Tuairisc - €12
    Ar an gCroigríoch - €12
    [All - €35]

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    Introduction to Physics (Tenth Edition) - Cutnell, Johnson, Young, Stadler - new - €45

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    Ecology, Cain, Second Edition, hard-back 50 euro (like new)

    Fungi: Biology and Application, Kevin Kavanagh Second Edition 30 euro (like new)

    Pharmacology, Rang and Dale, Fifth Edition 30 euro (excellent condition)

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    Looking for information on the books required for Freobel, PME primary school teaching.

    If anybody can provide a list or if you have books for sale I would be grateful for either.

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    I have a number of books I used for my PDE on teaching. They really helped with assignments, lesson planning and project work. It also meant I rarely used the library all but for some journal articles. They are:

    Reflective Teaching by Pollard et. Al.
    Your Teacher Training Handbook by McGrath and Coles
    A Guide to Teaching Practice (4th ed.) by Cohen et. Al.
    Geography Inside the Black Box: Assessment for Learning in the Geography Classroom by Weeden and Lambert
    The Trainee Teachers Survival Guide by H. Bennett
    Essential Teaching Skills by Chris Kyriacou (excellent)

    PM me if anyone is interested!

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    For sale - Anthropology NUIM "In search of respect" - Bourgois - good cond. no scribbles.

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    I have the Campbell and Reece biology book for sale. It's the 9th edition in perfect condition €35

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    1st year Maths Physics:

    Physics by Resnick Halliday and Krane 5th Ed
    Published by Wiley
    Excellent condition €30
    Text 0857136785

    2nd Biomed/3rd Science/4th Ed Biology text book:

    Kuby Immunology 7th Ed by Owen Punt Stanford
    Published by Macmillan
    Excellent condition and very useful for
    Introduction to Immunology
    40 euro.

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    Introduction to physics- Cutnell, Johnson, Young Stadler
    Tenth edition
    Text only 0851182440

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    1. Classical Social Theory ---- Ian Craib 18 Euro.
    2. Sociological Theory an Introduction to the classical tradition--- Richard W. Hadden. 8 Euro.
    3. Durkheim ---- Gianfranco Poggi 16 Euro.
    4. Sociology Introductory Readings 3rd edition
    Anthony Giddens & Philip W. Sutton. 15 Euro.
    5. The McDonaldization of Society ---- George Ritzer. 15 Euro.
    6. Questioning identity: Gender, class, ethnicity---- Kath Woodward. 8 Euro.
    7. Social Identity 3rd edition
    Richard Jenkins. 16 Euro.
    8. Identity Sociological Perspectives ---- Steph Lawler. 16 Euro.
    9. Young People and Social Change New Perspectives --- A Furlong & F Cartmel. 15 Euro.
    10. Sage Key Concepts in Family Studies---- Jane McCarthy & R. Edwards. 12 Euro.
    11. The Sociology of Childhood 3rd Edition
    William A. Corsaro. 20 Euro.
    12. Investigating The Social World 4th edition---- Russell K. Schutt. 10 Euro.
    13. Social Research Issues, Methods and Process 3rd Edition Tim May 15 Euro.
    14. The Sociology of Health & Illness
    Sarah Nettleton. 12 Euro.
    15. Channels of Resistance Global television and Local Empowerment---- Tony Dowmunt. 12 Euro.
    16. We are Everywhere The irresistible rise of Global Anticapitalism. 7 Euro.
    17. Global Sociology second Edition--- Cohen and Kennedy 14 Euro.
    18. Local Lives And Global Transformations Paul Kennedy 15 Euro.
    19. A Sociology of Ireland 3rd Edition--P Share, H Tovey & M Corcoran. 20 Euro.
    20. Collins internet-linked dictionary of Sociology. 7 Euro.
    21. Ireland of the Illusions A Sociological Chronicle 16 Euro.
    22. Best of Times ? The Social Impact of the Celtic. 10 Euro.
    23. Ireland Unbound A Turn of the Century Chronicle. 10 Euro.
    24. Place and Non-Place The Reconfiguration of Ireland 10 Euro.
    25. Nickel and Dimed Undercover in Low wage US---Barbara Ehrenreich 4 Euro.
    26. The Sociologically Examined Life 3rd Edition Michael Schwalbe. 8 Euro.
    27. Sociology 5th Edition Anthony Giddens 10 Euro.

    1. Mountjoy Prisoners A Sociological and Criminological Profile,
    P O’Mahony10 Euro.
    2. Ethical Theory access to religion and philosophy---- Mel Thompson 10 Euro.
    3. Ethics, Accountability and the Social professions ---- Sarah Banks. 12 Euro.
    4. Ageing Societies A Comparative Introduction
    Virpi Timonen 15 Euro.
    5. Social Policy Themes and Approaches--- Paul Spicker 15 Euro
    6. Introducing Social Policy Second Edition ----Cliff Alcock Guy Daly Edwin Griggs 14 Euro.
    7. Policy Analysis For Practice Applying Social Policy Paul Spicker 16 Euro.
    8. Irish Social Policy in Context. UCD 8 Euro.
    9. Welfare Theory 2nd Edition Tony Fitzpatrick 14 Euro.
    10. Promoting Equality Working with Diversity and Difference 3rd Edition Neil Thompson 15 Euro.
    11. Social Policy Short Introductions ---Hartley Dean 12 Euro.
    12. Poverty --- Ruth Lister 10 Euro.
    13. Irish Social Services 4th Edition John Curry 8 Euro.
    14. The Welfare State Reader 2nd Edition—Pierson & Castles. 14 Euro.
    1. Culture and the Human Body An Anthropological Perspective---- John W. Burton. 10 Euro.
    2. Small Places, Large Issues An Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology 3rd Edition Thomas Hylland Eriksen. 15 Euro.
    3. The Anti-Politics Machine
    James Ferguson 13 Euro.

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    follow this thread for more Social Science and Sociology Books for Sale to be posted soon

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    Theology Book
    Reading the Old Testament €10

    Nua Dhuanaire €6
    Gearrscéalta an Chéid €7
    Céard é English? €5
    Irish Syllabic Poetry 1200-1600 €7

    All books in immaculate condition. PM me for more info

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    I'm selling 3 first year irish books.
    Dordán -€9
    Gramadach gan stró -€12
    An caighdeán oifigiúil -€ 9
    ( €25 for all )

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking to buy on the cheap or second hand - Human Resource Management in Ireland 5th Edition by Patrick Gunnigle, Noreen Heraty, Michael J. Morley


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    Hi all,

    Been looking to sell of these books for some time, if anyone is interested please PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.

    First Year English Volume One - Colin Graham (€15)
    First Year English Volume Two - Colin Graham (€15)
    Investigating the Social World - Russell K. Schutt (€20)
    Global Sociology - Cohen and Kennedy (€20)

    PM me for further details.

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    If anyone is selling first year Tort law/ contract law books, please dm me!

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