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Spikey sauropod

  • 19-09-2009 11:06am
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    A new type of 13 metre long necked sauropod dinosaur with a spiked tail (like Stegosaurus) has been discovered.
    The 170-million-year-old dinosaur, dubbed Spinophorosaurus nigerensis, had a tail studded with bony spikes that the animal likely swung at predators, study authors say in the September 16 edition of the journal PLoS One. Finding such a complete sauropod skeleton is extremely rare, and the new fossil may help scientists piece together the early evolution of the long-necked giants.

    Full story here.


    edit: actually, here is a much more in detail article.



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    What an amazing fossil! I remember laughing at Jurassic Park when they could just push over the top layer of sediment and find a whole fossil intact.