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Access to Lough Tay and Lough Dan



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    I do a lot of work for the scouts - fund-raising, driving and donkey-work as my kids are members. I have never been vetted by the Gardai but would gladly volunteer to be (must ask the scout master about it.)

    Just out of curiosity as I no longer live in the area: Can any adult join the scouts? Are all adult members vetted? Can any scout use the centre at Lough Dan to access the lake?

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    The fundraising would prob not fall under as kids might not be there but at the risk of going off topic I have uploaded a copy of the policy to my dropbox for you here

    Basically the advice is that for Non-Member adults i.e. involved parents

    Non-Member Adults:Adult Helpers

    Any adult who helps out on activities once a month or more (on a regular basis), or for 3 or more days in a 30 day period, or, who attends one or more overnight activities,willbe required to be vetted.

    There is no problem what so ever getting vetted but now that every person in the country working with kids by law is required to be vetted there is a huge backlog of three or four months which creates problems for getting new leaders...conversation goes something like this...

    Leader: "Oh so you would like to help out"
    Parent: "Yep would love to get into the outdoors especially with the summer coming round"
    Leader: "Ok so fill out this form"
    Parent: "And then im good to help out?"
    Leader: "Well eh theres the thing, Ill let you know in November"
    Parent: ......................................

    So to answer your questions...

    Any adult can join scouts as long as they clear garda vetting and have no convictions etc and they make a satisfactory application for membership
    All adult members are (or are in the process of) currently vetted as this is now legislation...but scouting ireland has had this in place for years for the protection of members

    As regards using lough dan I have asked the powers that be on the forum and will report back!!!

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    Much obliged.

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    Visit Scotland. No trespass law. You can walk anywhere you like, as long as you are not damaging property. No henchmen making threatening remarks. And if they do you call the police and have them removed. Unique in the world for that reason. It's quite pretty in places too!

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    in 2007 i ran down the mountain to Lough Tay with a friend I was 17 I, got down got undressed and swam in the lake, within 2 minutes of us being there he came out and told us it was private property, got dressed and ran back up mountain, it was a tough descent and even tougher running back up. At least I got to swim in it. Maybe protesters these days should organize events at Private Lakes to draw attention to this fuedal private ownership of national gems and the general land issue in our country

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    You can get to Lough Dan via the Inchavore:

    Will require a little class V paddling and a lot of rain.

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    I presume things havent improved? Was looking for a lake to SUP on, as wanted to try not being on the ocean, as I am brand new to it, and wanted to see if I could get here, but these stories are making it seem impossible...