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Trials hd



  • no you can only delete games that have 0 gamer score as far as i know.

    EDIT: what he said ^^^^

  • Thanks for that; no option to just delete the Achievements then. :(

    If I delete it, does anyone know if I'll have to pay for the game again, and how big is the download?

  • No, you won't have to pay for it again. AFAIK, MS remembers the stuff you buy for occasions like this. When you go to download it again, there should be a tick next to Trials HD-Full Game.

    I'm not sure the size of it, but I'd guess a say bout 80-100 megs.

  • I think its closer to 200mb

    So much for arcade games being transferable on 64mb cards!

  • Got the endurance achievement tonight :D One of the most rewarding achievements Ive got in a long while!

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  • I gave in and bought this yesterday. Funnily enough yesterday was also the first time my wife has commented on my bad language. Coincidence? Nope!

  • gamertag is romanningo if anyone wants to add me. I will add a few of ye later

  • Got this game before Christmas with the expansion.
    I knew all about Trials before so I was looking forward to it, because all me & my mates did a few years ago was waste time in 4th year playing this and Need for Madness on the pc. Great craic then & still is now.

    Gamertag is in the sig so give us an add

  • Finally got the expansion(been on the Ps3 all the time lately)

    So look out, after your scores!

  • Think they've made getting golds a lot harder.

    Going through the medium trying to get golds and while I'm getting there slowly but surely I'm attempting some of them about 50 times, or more.

    I'm usually behind IrishPower(sicko) and Rosko(sicko eile) but just beat Power's time in my latest gold so happy about that.

    Also got the new pack achievements(Thanks youtube!)

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  • new dlc out today called Big thrills for 400ms points. just got it there, only 8mb.

  • mailrewop wrote: »
    new dlc out today called Big thrills for 400ms points. just got it there, only 8mb.

    runs in to turn on xbox....

  • the detour acheivement was good craic! didnt resort to youtube either...

  • Anyone else feel that the new maps are a bit crap...

    Having trouble getting Gold medals on even the easy tracks, some are fairly good now I have to say, but most are not up the quality of the original tracks...

  • just going to leave this here...

  • Curse the lack of a release date...

  • I read somewhere 31st March release date, anyone else hear anything?