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The Great Big Lawnmower Thread



  • need to find out the model number of my mccullough self propelled lawn mower , the only id on it is this ,it starts and cuts out straight away , it probably needs a new gasket but I need to know what to look for first .

  • Thats probably a fairly generic Chinese engine, used in a lot of pattern lawnmowers. Does it resemble this?

    There's some exploded diagrams here, although clicking on parts listed states "Husqvarna stopped supplying this"

    This looks like a better parts list on a pdf.

    I wouldn't think its a head gasket problem though, if it starts then it has sufficient compression. Head gasket leak would be the opposite, very difficult to start but might run once started. It sounds like a fuel problem, just enough to fire for the first few slow revs, but not enough to run, carb bowel runs dry. Check the bowl for dirt, check the float valve, check flow from the tank hose. Also check the crankcase breather hose has not came off, I've just remembered sorting these symptoms on an older McCullogh mower a couple of years ago. Hose was split and loose.

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  • thanks for that , the boss(wife) bought it a couple of years ago and she went for that one despite the fact that they had one with a honda engine for more or less the same money , anyway its probably the carb all right , I cleaned out the bowl , it was full of muck , but it probably need a full strip down and clean out , i might chance it now that i have the exploded diagram , thanks for the quick help .

  • If the Boss reads your reply, you might also need one of these to sleep in....

  • Hey folks,

    Ive a large garden, about 2/3rds of an acre to mow. Relatively flat, just a slight incline on one side. My current ride on is a husqvarna cth172 which I bought if the old owner of the house when we bought it. I've replaced belts, blades, carb, full bag switch, repaired deck and replaced some pulleys and done a full service but it's still a bit contrary from time to time but overall a good mower. It has a kohler courage engine which I believe is 17hp

    Anyways I'm thinking of buying a new mower, don't want an automower so was looking in particular at the stiga range. Either a 2084h or 3084h - don't want a geared tractor it has to be hydrostatic that's my main thing

    Has anyone any info on the mowers or any recommendations? Even better anyone sell them and take trade ins lol

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  • You'll sell that old mower for resonable money next season if it's starting and working well, and not falling apart. You'll get a best price on any of the mowers you're thinking about for a straight sale. If you can, do a deal on the new over the new year, then sell your own for cash in spring. It's a big mower, 42" cut, should be worth 500-800 depending on condition.

  • Thanks,

    Yeah its a good mower in fairness, the only reason I want to go for a new one is simply because it'll be mine from the word go and I can be sure all maintenance will be done properly and on time. But since getting the Husqvarna I've done alot with it, the old owner had it wrecked. Nothing wrong with it now other than a small hole on the lid of the rear collector

  • Hi. I’d love some recommendations for a decent key start mower for a relative. They’ve quite a few muscular issues so something without a pull cord is necessary. They’ve a small garden but they won’t entertain the idea of an electric mower & they like the Briggs and Stratton engine. Budget is between 500 and 600 euro. I see woodies have one for 399 but (pro lawn) but I’m unsure about how good that brand is.

  • The woodies is a generic Hyundai mower afaik, similar to this blue Hyundai HYM510SPE which used to be in a few hardware stores like goodwins, though I've not seen it for a while.

    The woodies one won't break the bank, and as long as you keep the battery charged it should function without issue, but if the electrics give issues your stuck if there's no pull cord. It's quite a heavy mower also so quite a bit of effort required when lugging it around corners and obstacles.

    This aluminium deck electric start Cobra uses the Briggs and Stratton Instant electric starter with the detachable power tool type battery.

    It's much more dependable than older fixed battery systems, bring the battery in and stick it on the charger. A bit over your budget though, as is this Stiga electric start with the same B&S engine.

    These mowers are all too much for a small garden, the ideal solution is surely one of the better cordless mowers on the market, there are some robust models here starting at €399 for 16" cut.

  • Has anyone seen any Black Friday deals on robot lawnmowers? I am looking for something for about 120m2 of a rectangular fenced garden, minimal obstacles or hills, ideally controllable via an app?

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  • I see a few people using or .com preferrably in this thread. Is there a general consensus that these are ok to use? i.e. goods undamaged, delivered relatively quickly, easy to deal with if problems etc.