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U2 Croke Park 2009 - all discussion, no ticket sales.



  • bonoman66 wrote: »

    Here's some decent quality footage from Croker 3. Its synched / mixed with audio from anither source (Alysha).

    Hope you enjoy...more on the way when I get a chance.

    Super video,heard the boot is really good

  • A Disgrace wrote: »
    What did you think of Bonos demeanor? And the fact that he stopped Edge during 'Bad' and at another stage said 'Don't forget about us'..

    My thought were that he's obviously a little hurt by the backlash about the album, and the fact that they didn't sell out. Possibly the guys, and they're the one band who I think will, are considering quitting with some grace?

    Just wondering if anyone got the same impression?

    There was a weird vibe onstage, dunno if I'd say they're quitting though, maybe it's a Lovetown style "Dream it all up again" vibe

  • Super video,heard the boot is really good

    Is there a (professional) bootleg available ?

  • iMax wrote: »
    Is there a (professional) bootleg available ?

    I found one online this afternoon, quality is not too bad

  • Any chance of a PM pointing me in the direction ?

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  • you got mail

  • niallon wrote: »
    There was a weird vibe onstage, dunno if I'd say they're quitting though, maybe it's a Lovetown style "Dream it all up again" vibe

    Well, hopefully, cos we all know what came after Lovetown!

  • I put a couple of videos up:

  • Here's a quick multicam I did for The Auld Triangle from the Friday Night.

    Grateful to heartland for his permission to mix in & synch his audio from that night with the cam audio.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Choose the HQ option & watch fullscreen.

  • I see there are loads of rumours that U2 will tour Europe again in 2010, I remember there was talk of the band releasing a new album before the end of this year.

    Bono had said the tracks were more mellow, would be great to hear an album with more tracks like Moment of Surrender. I would love to see U2 try and move in a different direction sound wise.

    It has to be difficult for the band, they are still the biggest band in the world and the fan base is still massive and to keep everyone happy that means large stadium tours. Of course I`m sure U2 like the money as well from these large tours. U2 are still cutting it live and songs like Vertigo and Boots really come to life on stage. I would imagine they have maybe one more big stadium tour in them after 360.

    I would love U2 to do a big goodbye to the stadiums tours in 2012/13 and then start to play smaller venues. Can`t see it happening though....

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  • I know its over 11 years but with having time at home recently, I've been going through my digital archives & been working on remastering audio & video from the July 27th 2009 Croke Park show.

    I'm creating a 'Remastered from The Pit' Series, showing videos not previously released from the perspective of being in the Pit that night with remastered picture & audio.

    Hope anyone that was there that night might enjoy the series. Some videos will be better than others as being in The Pit or GA is where all the crowd rock'n'roll / bouncy bouncy happens :-) - I did my best at the time.

    All the best..

  • 11 years?
    Fück me!

  • #4 in the U2 Croke Park 2009 Remastered from the Pit Series.

  • Can mods maybe put all u2 related stuff in the one thread?

    Anyway got an email there offering me a discounted renewal. I'm tempted as I would be interested in the DVD and the HD stream of the full show but I don't want to do it if there planning on releasing a blu ray version soon??

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