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Any tips to stop losing my voice?

  • 31-05-2009 1:07pm
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    Hi there everyone,

    just a quick problem, i'm on the phone all day with my job and usually lose my voice, it gets really sore. I think im also a bit prone to tonsilitis, i drink lots of water during the day, but is there any other suggestions i could try to stop me losing my voice?

    Thanks very much


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    If you keep losing your voice, the best place to go is for an evaluation with an ENT consultant and possibly voice therapy with a Speech and Language Therapist.

    I hope that it's starting to get a little better - there can be many reasons that someone can lose their voice which is why you probably need to see an SLT. Different approaches to therapy work for different people. Some things that may be useful include some vocal hygiene tips; like increasing your water intake to ensure your vocal folds are constantly moist, no throat clearing (really damaging to the cords), reduce vocal abuse and misuse - things like shouting/screaming. Whispering is also a big no no. Try and reduce dust and fumes as much as possible in your work and home environment. Stay away from lozenges - they can be inclined to numb the area rather than having a direct benefit - go for hard boiled sweets.

    Other factors that may be influencing particularly in your situation could be posture - considering you are using the phone a lot. Tension and stress, breath support for your voice can also be major contributing factors. Hope this helps a little anyway but you would be better get more individualised advice in relation to your voice difficulty.

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    Have you tried honey and lemon? Maybe you also need to rest your voice and
    best to do is see a doctor.

    I've also read about Gargling with salt water and cayenne (1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, stir in a shake or two of red pepper).

    Hope it helps.

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    Take a look at this site... might help..