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This is NOT a POSTGRADUATE forum for MSc / PhDs etc.

  • 14-02-2009 9:51pm
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    POSTGRAD (taken from Postgrad forum)
    A postgraduate degree is essentially any course that you may do after your undergraduate degree (i.e. post is the latin for 'after') so it's a course you do after your primary (first) degree. A Postgrad course can be done in anything and it doesn't have to be an unrelated course to your degree (i.e. I could have a BA in Geography, but I could go on and do an MA in geography or MSc in GIS). There are taught postgrads, these are; Master's, HDip's, P Grad Dip's, Dips etc... that have a taught (i.e modules and subjects with exams, and a research project) component, then there are Reseach post grads; MPhil, MLitt, certain types of MSc and of course PhD's that have an almost whole research component. This is the only way that I can answer your question, so I think you've got all the information right there.

    A GRADUATE forum is for people who've completed any stage of their third level education and are joining the workforce and all of the issues that goes along with that.

    Any threads for Postgrad courses will be moved!!!

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