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M6 - Galway City RR - ABP planning cancelled. Other solutions?



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    It’s interesting that in your posts supporting the GCRR you are putting out shall we say ‘interesting’ theories rather than what actual benefits might accrue from building the road in its current plan.

    I don’t hate cars, in fact I quite like my own. And I currently need it for work as it takes me over the west & northwest of the country. However, I shouldn't need it for getting around town. I am meeting someone in town soon, to walk is about 29 mins, to drive is 6, cycle 7. The bus will only take me part way. The TII bikes are in the city, so no use. And the Brite bikes are not out until IIRC next month. When those are the choices people will go with the most convenient are cheapest

  • It’s what’s on the slab. And has been for the past thirty years. Details change but the essentials stay the same. You can BS all you want about your theories, but we already have indications that the thirty years of antiroad holdup are having an effect on population numbers & growth in Galway & Connemara.

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    That move into the city is because of the difficulty in acquiring staff - many people do not drive, and the public transport options for getting out there were awful. The work is not high paid, but because of the location was only open to people who owned a car.

    Moving to the city opens those job prospects to people living in the city, younger people, people without cars, etc. The ring road would have done nothing to stop this move.

  • So “no one wants to live in connemara- and that’s how it has to stay. Because they get two mountain passes and two city-deep bridges or a f*cking boat, and let them be happy about it, the ungrateful sh*ts”

    i get it on the green end. “Connemara is full of the kind of natural wild beauty we need to replicate all over the country when the humans get it that their place is in the city, stop building one offs out there and start the rewilding of filthy, filthy meat grazing land. It’s the backarse of nowhere and it has to stay that way.”

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  • Is that lad able to read my posts? I can’t read him, I have him on ignore I think from the Galway county hamsterwheel thread. I’d love to know why that too became a “National Anti-car Movement News” thread as well, but hey-ho…

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    Ulises Damp Bubble, you'll notice that I haven't commented or replied to you one way or the other on here or anywhere else, but would you mind giving it a rest? It's getting boring at this stage.

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    I think he might be referring to me because I previously told him to grow up or something or else it was because I told him to shut up with this paranoia about some kind of well funded national anti-roads movement.

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    I don't even mind that that's their point of view: people can believe in conspiracy theories all they want, it's just that sifting through the same post over and over again is boring.

    There's been loads of good discussion in this thread with lots of people arguing for and against the Galway ring road, it's just taken a weird turn in the last two or three pages.

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    With all this hot air maybe balloons would be an option.

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  • *edit: post had detail lost by phone. Will return & give detail*

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