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Dual system (oil-fired and solid fuel) advice needed



  • Registered Users Posts: 18 Kevin007

    Hi Copper 12
    Forgot to finish
    Burning 45% Moist wood in a Bad Stove with Combustion efficiency of 40%
    9.4 GJ x .4 = 3.76 GJ Useful Heat Out
    Summary : 19.2 GJ In : 3.76 GJ Out : Overall Efficiency 19.6%
    Crazy Huh

  • Registered Users Posts: 680 ✭✭✭copper12

    I couldn’t agree with you more
    it would be like fitting a gas condensing boiler’ for three grand’ and not having it condense ‘
    By the way I just seen an advert from a gas boiler installer in the Dublin he clams that by fitting a condensing boiler you would save 40% of you gas bills do you think this savings would be archived over a thirty or forty year period
    Most manufactures would agree with you and give detailed graphs outlining the effects of burning damp wood
    So we agree that burning damp wood is both inefficient and costly’ if you are paying for the wood ’ unlike me I am reclaiming it and burning it in a wood gasifying boiler moisture content between 15% and 20%
    As for the lumberjacks if I see you I will give him a brolly

  • Registered Users Posts: 18 Kevin007

    Hi Copper 12
    I design UnderfloorHeating Systems for Geothermal HP's and design them for future energy costs in mind rather than todays. As such I design with a max generation Temperature of on average 25deg.C at 0deg.C outside to achieve max COP on the HP but on those occasion when I use them with Condensing Gas Boilers which also have Weather Compensation ( Atag Bleu Engel ) the amount of condensation occuring at those low Temp would about the max achievable from any unit. I have though it would be around 98% and must do a test one of these days. It's not too difficult at those low Temp.
    Off now to the Wesssshhhhhtttttt See you in the Woods

  • Registered Users Posts: 680 ✭✭✭copper12

    hi Kevin 007

    Fair enough; you are designing a heating system; using the latest technology
    You claim 98% efficiency; is this due to the condensing boilers; or your design’ I would say it’s your design’ rather than the boilers’ the boilers are only one link in the chain.
    The vast amount of condensing boilers; I come across. condense only when the system is heating up,
    Are they operating at the full potential; I think not
    Are they more efficient, that the boilers they replaced, I would think so
    I could give you numerous examples of condensing boiler, put in as replacement boilers,
    operating within an average house’ heating on for eight hours; might only condense for one hour over this period.
    Would these boilers; save people; 40% on there yearly gas bills,
    Do pigs fly
    If you see your man tell him I have the brolly

  • Registered Users Posts: 59 ✭✭granpa

    can anyone tell me where to buy a standered oil boiler not one of the new fangled condenser ones granpa

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    Just like this thread, go back to 2008.

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    Locked. Please don't dig up old threads.

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