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M20 - Cork to Limerick [preferred route due in September 2021]



  • That article just sums up all we know already and puts a hysterical headline on it.

    I think even Eamon Ryan knows this road is needed - the question is what quality. It should be M20 by all rights, but we may end up with 2+2 or a silly mixture. With some railway upgrades included too, which TBH wouldn't hurt either.

  • I thought you all might appreciate knowing that I had a dream about the M20 last night. Not that it was built in my dream, oh no.

    The route recommendation turned out to be the Mitchelstown - Limerick routing, or the navy routing in the dream. Not only was it a terrible option, but they swung west to avoid some of the hills near Mitchelstown, but ended up going over a mountain that was over 700m in height that happened to be the westernmost.

    That was about it, but it was an interesting dream nonetheless.

  • That wasn't a dream it was a nightmare you had🤣🤣🤣

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  • “It’s a treacherous road and for it to have been left like this, for all these years with the amount of people, young and old, that have been killed on it, it’s just a disgrace.”

  • Any indication of when the preferred route will be announced?

  • Early Q1 2022

  • I read an article earlier saying only 5000 cars were expected to travel between cork and limerick on the new m20.. is that true?!

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  • If the 3 billion price tag is accurate, it seems a staggering amount for the relatively minuscule numbers that will use it...

  • The article explains why that figure is misleading almost directly after it is first mentioned. It might be worth taking another read of it.

  • No he didn't read the article. He just came in with a set attitude and just ignored the data. He pulled a bit of missleading data and tried to use this as s reason to knock the need for a road.

    The figures in that article are staggering. I was under the impression from other data I saw that There was about 10k equivalent end to end journey's. From this article it's even 13k in mid section and way higher at the ends

  • A relief-map will show you why. N20 goes through a narrow plain between the Ballyhoura (to the east) and Mullaghareirk (to the west) mountains: anyone living north or south of this natural pass will use N20, because as bad as it is, it’s still the best road in the area.

  • Also yes, I did read the entire article... those figures are fine a lot of money and the project should obviously NEVER have been shelved back in 2011. It was typical irish political idiocy... But if it were 3 billion, and i am not saying it will be... But that is a SERIOUS amount of money, for the relatively small amount of journeys on the road...

  • So even after it was pointed to you more than once, you still choose to ignore the fact that the road is not about end to end traffic? You ignore the fact that even the quietest section of the road is 5000 vehicles over capacity each day? That there are 17,000 vehicles a day at the Croom end and 25000 a day the the Blarney end? I'd suggest that you have an agenda and you're sticking to it.

    Even if it did cost €3bn it would be good value for money because it will save people lives and it will be there for the next century. This Irish obsession with the cost of infrastructural projects that will last generations is fúcking infuriating.

  • The run away costs are a disgrace, if this thing is going to be built. It should be built asap! before costs continue to escalate, the same with dublin metro etc. But the reality is, nor you or I or anyone knows the final costs, we dont have a crystal ball! But what is an absolute disgrace is, the political can kicking, that have seen many lives lost and likely over half a billion euro increase, for the exact same road! It is an absolute disgrace!

  • Forget the €3 billion estimate, its a complete fabrication.

    Eamonn Ryan pulled that figure out of his arse to try and turn public opinion against the scheme.

    TII appointed a new chairman, a Welsh man. Best of luck to him, at least he comes from a country with proper road infrastructure.

    From the Indo

    “Limerick TD Kieran O’Donnell who chaired the meeting sought a commitment that Mr Llewellyn would drive from Limerick to Cork to see for himself why representatives from the region were admant a motorway must be built between the cities.”

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  • The first thing is that at present costings it shoud not costs 3 billion or even half it. It's a critical piece of infrastructure. In its present state due to accidents, crashes, time lose, economic loss to businesses it is probably costing the economy over 100 million a year.

    In considering uneconomic projects, Colm McCarthy made a good point about the proposed North side and Airport metro. It costed at 10 billion. At present in consultant and other reports it has cost 240 million. It will cost double that taking it to the planning/ project viability stage over the he next 2-3 years.

    His opinion is that there is no economic case for it at that cost.but because of the uproar it will not be shelved...but it will never be build in his opinion. If that 750 million was spend on bus infrastructure in Dublin how much better value would it be.

    It's the same with the Limerick- Cork rail proposal it makes no economic sense. Rail projects in low density situation which even Dublin is are not good ways of spending money

    Post edited by Bass Reeves on

  • Peter Walsh of TII explained quite well here where 3bn nonsense came from:

    About halfway down the page. It’s a lengthy discussion with Kieran O’Donnell.

    The reason the figure has got so much traction despite being the higher end of an imprecise arbitrary cost categorisation is because the Minister in charge is a spanner.

  • The Corkman has a similar article to the Irish Times article

  • He's a danger to rural Ireland. Lives will be lost on terrible roads due to his stupidity.

  • That's for sharing. That article from The Corkman is fact based, well written and covers quite a lot of the issues. It contrasts with the opinionated sensationalist drivel on road development we regularly see from the Examiner/Echo.

  • Multi project article in the Examiner today

  • Colm McCarthy is the economist who said the luas would be a flop. All opinions he expresses on infrastructure should be disregarded.

  • The examiner is AWFULLY good a giving ink to voices/opinions that are against various road projects!

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