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Ireland VS The UK

  • 22-08-2008 8:20am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ Crazy Niall

    Hi all,
    I hope this becomes a hot topic as it is one that bothers me deeply.

    A bit of history: I am 25, I have completed 1 certificate course, one 4 year degree here in Ireland and a 1 year master performance course in London, the first was a music course in D.I.T Rathmines and the the degree was in Tallaght Studying A.V and the likes, The master performance course was in London in Drumtech.
    Both Irish colleges were "fun" in their own ways but, the first course rejected me for their degree based on the fact that I was a drummer, not a percussionist!!!
    The second course wasn't my choice really and although I have a degree from it I am not willing to use it.
    I then set up a recording studio and spent a year getting that going, at the end of that year I moved to London and did a course in Drumming at Drumtech, it was the best year of my life. I can honestly say that in Ireland you will not find a course like it. I have talked to a lot of my friends here in Ireland who have studied in both countries and have really enjoyed learning and developing in the UK whereas a lot of them really didn't learn or enjoy any part of their courses here.

    So to the present: I feel that Ireland needs to change its policies on education especially in the ares of Music and the creative arts. It is not for lack of talent that we are facing problems, how many more great musicians do we have to let slip through our fingers before we have too many bankers.

    I have developed real skills as a professional musician, I always had the ability to do it just not the facilities, now not only can I play music on a level I never thought possible but I have a dream job working for MUTE Records, same label as Nick Cave, I am working for an artist that you should all hear about in the coming months. The point is that nothing like that exists over here and there is almost no reason why it shouldn't. Like I said there are loads of great musicians who are losing years of their lives working dead end jobs forced to live in a world where being a professional musician means you have to live in another country and look a certain way.

    Being a professional musician means not having a home for a while, you will be traveling so much to start with you won't have time to understand where you are. You will see amazing things and you will also have to do a lot of waiting around.

    Either way, this country doesn't seem to have a training course for musicians to become professional in the contemporary style of music.

    If you are finishing secondary school and you would actually like to become a professional musician, and trained as such then don't listen to those telling you that you can't, I did for a bit and then I stopped listening and I never gave up and here I am. It is true that the success rate of the professional musician is low but there are hundreds of jobs, not just the one on cribs!

    Just like a chef or a camera man/woman, there are loads of areas to work in.

    I hope that we all together as a group can change the way Ireland teaches it's young.

    All the best, Niall.